Behind The Benevolent Facade Of Eugenics, A Genocidal Monster Lurks!

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Most of us know the biblical legend of Adam and Eve. Eve, being the wife of Adam, made from Adam's rib and created (at least according to the patriarchal fairy tale) subservient to Adam. Not many people actually are aware that Eve was God's second attempt. That's right - Adam, the first man, was a divorcee. (So much for the so-called sanctity of marriage, James Dobson.) Adam's first wife was Lilith - and Lilith unlike Eve, was created equal with Adam - but she questioned the authority supposedly given Adam over her by God. And she didn't like the idea of a life in servitude. And who among us today can blame her? Because of Adam's treatment of her, she rebelled - making her the very first feminist - and human rights activist!

Consequently, Lilith is often regarded as a heroine for feminists. Lilith, for her pains and for daring to challenge Adam's patriarchal position as head of "the family", was ostracized by God, and chased out of Eden. According to lore and myth, both ancient Hebrew and Mesopotamian, Lilith was turned into a night-demon - and among other things, has been called the "mother of all Vampires". (Now there's one for the Twilight fans!)

But it seems that today even, the spirit of rebellion and the desire for equal and fair treatment has not been entirely expunged from womanhood - that the feminine is still not entirely what some men may desire or view as the "perfect woman" - a robot unable to think for herself, who should not be allowed to dream, achieve and to compete equally with the male of the species, which clearly is incapable of coping with the reality that many women today really need a man like a fish needs a bicycle (thank you, Virginia Woolf).

And God forbid that the subject of homosexuality and transgenderism should ever come up! Those of us who dare to forsake male privilege, challenge it - or reject male advances for the feminine, are viewed as nothing less than an "abomination" and a threat to their maniacal quest for domination of the world.

Take for example the horror faced by lesbians in South Africa, where "corrective rape" is not only going unchallenged, but is actually on the increase! And just a few weeks ago, three young women were seriously injured by the rampaging lunatic whose fragile male ego was shattered because they rejected his sexual advances in a Jeffreys Bay sports bar. How dare they be gay!

We live in the 21st century, believing that in the West at least, we women have or are achieving a semblance of equality with our male counterparts. Heck, Australia even has a new female Prime Minister - just a pity she's an obsolete, hypocritical, bigoted git. And the pink community also seems to be making gains in terms of human rights protections, and by all accounts we, along with feminists, should be celebrating. Not so?

Not yet.

Sure, there may be gay rights and equality - but how can gay people enjoy these rights if there are no more gay people?

Hmm. Right about now you're wondering what I've been smoking, aren't you?

For quite some time I have been warning that there is a down side to proving that being gay or trans is genetic or biological - because once this is proven, then the religious right and its army of battery-hen supervisor "experts" may try to figure out how to breed or "inoculate" homosexuality and transgenderism and feminism out of existence.

Surely not even they would try to do such a thing? Really, you think?

What if it were revealed that they are already at it? According to the Hastings Center, a certain Pediatric endocrinologist called Maria New, of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Florida International University, is about to torpedo both gay and women's rights like the iconic two birds with one stone.

"It seems more than a little ironic to have New, one of the first women pediatric endocrinologists and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, "constructing" women who go into “men’s” fields as “abnormal.” the article reads. Read more.

"we think Nimkarn and New’s “paradigm for prenatal diagnosis and treatmentsuggests a reason why activists for gay and lesbian rights should be wary of believing that claims for the innateness of homosexuality will lead to liberation. Evidence that homosexual orientation is inborn could, instead, very well lead to new means of pathologization and prevention, as it seems to be in the case we’ve been tracking." - Preventing Homosexuality (and Uppity Women) in the Womb?

What this means, in simple terms is that yes, being gay might well be recognized as being biological in nature - but that this recognition will bring the added perils of intolerant and scientifically creative people working to cut homosexuality out of the human genome. On one hand we have longed for the credibility that medical and scientific proof of our inborn nature, the legitimacy of medicine and science that should back our views that being gay or transgender is not a "lifestyle choice" but simply the way we are born. And on the other hand, we have right wingers and mad-scientists with delusions of godhood who would use that knowledge to pervert science into a war of eugenics fought on a battlefield of maternity clinics, hospitals and laboratories intended to actually help people.

So the religious right nuts and conservatives like to play God. We have known this for some time, the way they look down on other people and judge them - and hate them for their differences. But this is low, even for them. But hey - the religious right has been spending millions of dollars globally in terms of "church planting" and "evangelism" in poorer countries - in order to foster a climate of intolerance and homophobia in them to destroy the pink community. In some cases they have become so successful that some countries now stand on the brink of a pink genocide. I speak of course of Uganda, Burundi and some other African states, where people live in perpetual fear for their lives - simply for being born gay, bi, intersex or transgender.

The religious right and other conservatives refuse to believe that sexual orientation is inborn, natural and as a result of biological factors - and at the same time they climb into genetics in order to figure out how to breed out homosexuality, androgyny and "uppity women".

It seems that not even the minor detail that clearly identified genes, biological factors need to be 100% identified and understood first, before these warped Einsteins jump knee-deep into the gene-pool and start editing it to suit them.

Funny, they believe in Creation and discard the logic of evolution and Darwin's theory of "survival of the fittest" - which actually does make sense - and yet in the human race, as well as in the animal kingdom, GLBTI individuals continue to occur and exist alongside everyone else. This represents not "survival of the fittest" or natural selection - but a deliberate opening of the hood and replacement of that thing making the annoying rattle we don't like.

In one breath they are admitting that yes, people are gay or trans by nature or birth - meaning by their religious fundamentalist standards - that if they believe that "God created all people" then obviously God created us the way we are too. And yet taking this astounding admission into context - this is just not good enough for them - and they have to "fix" what they see as the "imperfection", "blemishes" and "errors" in their God's work!

Yes, God gave people free will - but where some people use their free will to do things they don't like, they are simply going to "change their free will" to make it suit them.

This is yet another example of their hypocrisy - and the extremes which their hatred of us drives them to. Genocide, eugenics and playing God with the lives of not just a few other people - but future generations of the species.

We should all know what genocide is by now, Rwanda and Serbia gave us a chilling demonstration a decade ago - but what is eugenics? Eugenics is the racist pseudoscience determined to wipe away all human beings deemed "unfit", preserving only those who conform to a specific stereotype. By now, alarm bells should be ringing - and quite loudly. The Nazis tried this - and look at the nice, warm, tender-hearted folks they were.

Genocide and eugenics - its all the same thing, whether it's done in Bergen-Belsen or a nice clean lab in your neighborhood clinic. The only thing here is, they're not going to commit actual murder by killing gay and trans people - they're just going to kill WHAT THEY ARE and try to make YOUR children into the kind of children THEY want them to be. They have decided they don't want people to be gay, bi, or trans - or women to be strong, ambitious and independent - they see us as a defect, a weakness - a disease that has to be eradicated and wiped out. And women should know their place - and like children, be seen and not heard. And we should all just shut up and like it.

Well I don't like it - and I won't shut up. I'm not a defect, and I don't have a disease. I'm happy being lesbian or pansexual and dating people I'm attracted to - and I'm happy with my body now I'm female and got all the kinks ironed out of it. And I don't care a damn whether any of you small-minded gender-fascist bitches like it or not.

By pushing this agenda, the fundies are for all intents and purposes, slapping their God in the face - saying that his work is not good enough for them - that his choice to make some people gay, bi, trans, intersex, is just not up to their strict puritan standards. Who is God anyway, other than a tool to frighten people back into line and as an excuse to justify all the evil they do in its name, believing this God will reward them for their conscientiousness and initiative later.

They might as well shout from the roof tops - or from one of hundreds of extremist TV or radio broadcasters that "It's not up to you, God, who will be gay or not - we'll fix it so there won't be any more gay people! Women will no longer dare to usurp male authority, they will serve us and obey us. You gave people free will - but we don't want people to have free will on things we don't agree with - so we're taking it away!"

You see, they don't like the way their God made us - they see gay people as a "mistake", and they see feminists as a threat to their egos and ambitions - so they are going to fix it. In short, they are undoing "God's work" - even though it's not at all what God wants them to.

If God had wanted me to be straight or cis-gender - then She would have made me that way.

The article covering the research and trials (that's right - they are ALREADY DOING THIS!!!) clearly shows a dangerous fixation with gender stereotyping, the patriarchal model in terms of stereotypical gender roles - and in finding clinical ways of enforcing them on future generations. The drug they are using, called "Dex" is already being administered in clinics!

Clearly, in their view - women do not belong in mechanical engineering or management - but at home, cooking and cleaning up after their husbands while fantasizing about pregnancy. Women should also not vary in appearance towards androgyny or masculine, or deviate from the "ideal" ultra-feminine appearance, be more interested in heterosexual sex with a man and further - should be subservient and compliant in order to please men. I am sure this would please rad-fem trans and gay haters like Julie Bindell, who is a lesbian feminist who hates gay and trans people who blur - or even cross the gender lines. Weird.

You know, one would think it would be more constructive and useful to investigate breeding out genes that cause cancer or numerous other ACTUAL diseases - not waste millions of dollars on the sort of rubbish one would expect from a Frankenstein novel or an episode of Dexter's Laboratory. But hey, they're already trying to find a way to breed out autism in all its forms - and that should be a good thing, right? I wonder - you see, one of my past relationships was with a girl who had a touch of Asperger's - and that made her into a rather unique and special person - whom, were it not for her condition, I would never have had the pleasure of knowing.

I think we as human beings need to take a few steps back and consider what really is a disease and what isn't - and how much the human race will lose in terms of diversity and interest if we allow people to just start hacking away at the tree as if they actually know what they are doing.

I once decided it was far too expensive to hire a gardener to prune a tree in my garden. Sure it's not too difficult, you just cut off the bits you don't like or want, simple. I can do it myself, I thought. It died, not right away, but it died. Go figure.

Funny, that it is considered "immoral" to harvest stem cells, or to consider human cloning, or even euthanasia and abortion - that is just far too much like "playing God" for these people - but it is just fine to fuck around with people's pre-determined biological make-up to ensure they don't dare deviate from heterosexist and puritanical or Patriarchal standards. They may as well give the pregnant mothers a shot so the babies will all be blonde and blue-eyed.

Most sickening of all, the lead scientist in charge of this freak-show is herself a woman in a non-traditional, non "gender-appropriate" field! Wouldn't she be far happier in the kitchen, cooking up something satisfying for her hubby while fetching his slippers and top up his brewski?

Excuse me - I have to go vomit.

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