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One of our main objectives was to keep Bekhsoos operating on a voluntary basis. We resisted seeking funding and forcing achievements. Our aspiration was and continues to be the sustainability of the platform free of any coercion or profit.

The team mainly consists of a bunch of friends, colleagues and some exes and enemies. When the energy is rising, we all push each other up! But when it drops, we all pull each other down… and when we hit rock bottom we fail to see the amount of work we do along with its magnitude. We often tire of our daily tasks. We often forget how awesome Bekhsoos is. Bekhsoos has transcended the boundaries of your average online magazine. It has evolved from being Meem’s baby to a creative global commons, shared by all those who contributed to it by writing, editing, designing, sharing it on Facebook and Tweeting about it but most importantly it creates a sense of belonging among those who read it, interacted with it, felt it, cried or laughed at it, and those who surfed the pages and quickly rushed to delete their browsing history.

For that purpose specifically, this team fears the only Boss they answer to. We fear of committing any wrong-doing for “Bekh”, its readers and its history.

So here’s to a new Bekhsoos! Here’s to its emancipation from its weekly routine schedule! For now you must visit its page every day to indulge on the latest blog posts, articles and various works that will be listed under the following categories:

- Gender & Sexuality: covering diverse aspects of sex, body, sexuality and gender; and the complex relationships between individuals and groups within these subjects.

- Activism: includes queer political analysis, especially those relevant to the Arab region, along with the latest news and activities of Arab and International queer and civil groups.

- Health & Well-being: covering subjects related to sexual, mental, psychological and physical health. - Security & Violence: contains diverse recommendations and subjects related to activists’ and individuals’ security, in addition to public security of organizations and groups be it online or in the field. It also covers the declared and undeclared forms of violence subjected to individuals and societies on various levels and approaches to analyze, confront and destruct them.

- Dailies & Diaries: people’s stories have been the building blocks for Meem and Bekhsoos. We strongly believe that documenting our lives and our existence is our most powerful tool against discrimination, oppression and marginalization.

- Misqueerious (Queer miscellaneous): a collection of words sprung into poetry, narratives, art, funnies and everything else. And of course Bekhsoos is not letting go of its infamous dirty laundry hanging portal “Bayneh w Baynik”. It is now more accessible than ever through its own Tumblr, wait for it:


Bekhsoos is yours, and yours truly. It’s published from, for and through our region, where the recent winds of change have brought magnificent and revolutionary days that will keep blossoming for years to come. The time has come to write, draw, design graphics and shoot videos. There is so much we can do together! Knowledge production can be achieved through a platform such as Bekhsoos and it is one of the simplest yet most important and necessary means.

Share with us the news from your Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual and Queer groups in your country, city, neighborhood, university, place of work and active groups you belong to. Send us the latest news, cover the ongoing activities and developments that speak to you on a political, economic, social, sexual and gender level, even if they do not particularly concern queerness and homosexuality. Express your opinion in what’s revolving around you and around the world. Tell us your life story or share incidents that happened to you, or an interesting conversation with a friend over a cup of coffee. Perhaps you would like to share a comment on an article you read recently or how it felt the last time you had sex or abstained from it!

Writing is the primary political act that makes us aware of our ability to exist, think and make change happen! Use Bekhsoos to be read and heard and to encourage those you know to be queer or identifying with an alternative sexual orientation, or even perhaps not. Let them write and send their various and diverse contributions in all languages.

Bekhsoos is yours and yours truly. Send us your contributions to:

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