Book Review: Girl with a one track mind.

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It could be said that the age of the sex blog has been and gone. It isn't shocking, new or liberating... There is nothing to be told that hasn't come before... And perhaps that is right. So when I came across the Mummy of sex bloggers, Abby Lee's book, in a charity shop the other day (for a meagre 25p) I had to buy it!

So, a book review of this now long published book seems to be in order... Mainly because my sex life had dried up as has my cunt.

Published in 2006 after the success of Abby Lee's blog "Girl With a One Track Mind" her book "Confessions of the Seductress Next Door, Girl With a One Track Mind" follows the same confessional tone of her online publishing.

The blurb says everything about this book... Mine reads "They say that men think about sex every eight seconds - I want to know what they do with the other seven..." And boy does she have fun trying to find out! Abby Lee keeps a diary of her exploits and the reader has the key to her inner most private moments and the thoughts attached.

Now, this book is dynamic. Although it is in part porn made safe for vanilla people it also has a Varity of writing styles within it. One moment she is gratuitous... With needless, yet arousing, imagery about her dampening pussy... While mixing these tales with flashbacks to her early sexual experience. Such as losing her virginity, sex as a teenager and one night stands that put her sexual tastes in context.

Although this memoir may appear to be 'slut-dom' in printed word it isn't. It is human, it is a social commentary and fundamentally is it clever.

You see Abby Lee knows who she is writing for. She knows that if she gives you several pages about her pussy you will read the other three that have some mention of emotion. And it works. Between wanting to finger myself at some of the tales she has me questioning sexual politics at others.

She classifies, lists and examines sexual encounters. There are brief sections that are "A Girls Guide to..." which are enlightening to a vanilla reader and amusing to the more experienced among us. She notes down phone conversations, nicknames people and she has a certain wit that makes the whole thing light hearted.

Mostly she reminds you that sex, while being the biggest least important issue there is, is also meant to be fun.

And while some may argue that the days of sex blogger ended with the revelation as to who she really is, I disagree. This book is more important in the prudish times we live in. It is so many other things than a piece of cheap well written porn. It is sexual liberation, entertainment and an education to the vanilla and the not so among us.

That and it is, as she would say, decent "wank fodder."

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