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I've been on T for about 5 months now and the face, body and voice changes are wonderful. I feel more comfortable in daily life than I have ever been.

My physical process has been quick and positive so far. I'm taller (a surprise), my former embarassingly sparse body hair is thickening and soft downy hairs are appearing where they weren't before. The stubble on my upper lip and chin are fantastic. I can't remember the last time I was called ma'am by a stranger, either.

On top of that, I am growing emotionally in ways long overdue. Somehow it;s like I was missing pieces of my mind and they're slowly coming into place. I suddenly understand things like I didn't before. I'm reexamining my attitudes about the world and about people. Naturally, I'm changing my relation to them as well.

Really starting to engage with people for the first time in my life is probably the best part of this process.

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