Call for Artists: Images of Intimacy

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This new site is presently under development to create a world-wide, communal gallery of loving, tender images of intimacy to be posted on the Internet.

Artwork can be of any size, shape or medium, and must be scanned and sent in .jpg format. The goal to display intimacy does not necessarily exclude sexually explicit images; the important difference lies in the intention and the treatment of the subject and the people used as models. Unlike most pornography or even erotic artwork, this is a completely volunteer, non-profit and non-exploitative undertaking; therefore we ask that the intention be to HONOUR the human body and sexual relations through artwork rather than only to seek to excite or arouse viewers.

While all artists are welcome to participate with new or exisitng works, the Intimographers group has the last word on what will or will not be published within the context of the project.

Send work to or write to Victoria at this address for more information.

About Intimography:

A Web space that brings a new perspective to the human body and sexuality through the creation of collaborative, not-for-profit, non-exploitative images of the human body and sexuality. Intimography is a visual celebration of intimacy focusing on these least honoured and most often abused aspect of being human; our bodies.

All models, photographers and artists are volunteers treated with compassion and respect, who offer their images to further the cause of creating a new body of work that is inclusive and hopefully, one day, exhaustive, as far as sex, gender, age, culture, and bodily form, condition and constitution are concerned. The sale of images will allow the project to cover basic expenses and to expand its outreach.

Our goal is not to expose the vulnerable to abuse by the strong, but rather to recognize the strength and the beauty in our universal vulnerabilities, particularly when it comes to the human body in its most natural, and beautiful state of nudity.

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