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Newly established NEW MEDIA GALLERY in Zadar, Croatia is pleased to announce first international call for New media art works on the theme of SHE-STORY

DEADLINE: 6.3.2010

What is New Media Art?

New Media Art is an art genre that encompasses artworks created with new media technologies, including performance art, digital art, computer graphics, computer animation, virtual art, video art, Internet art, interactive art technologies, computer robotics, ect. The term differentiates itself by its resulting cultural objects and social events, which can be seen in opposition to those deriving from old visual arts (i.e. traditional painting, sculpture, etc.) New Media Art often involves interaction between art work and observer.

Generally, New Media Art includes art work made with the use of digital video cameras, recorded sound, software for editing, animation, interactive presentations, electronics, and/or installations. New Media Art works that we are looking for can be digital videos, interactive video, audio and/or tactile art works, gallery installations with new media elements, and animations. It also includes audio that can be experienced as a radio broadcast, installed in a specific place, or listened to with headphones.


New Media Gallery is a platform initiated by organisation Mavena in cooperation with Teatro Verrdi with an aim to:

  • introduce the concept of new media art to the broad public;
  • produce, coproduce and present new media art, artists and developments;
  • establish, promote and develop international artistic cooperation’s in the field of new media arts.

NMG is a platform that uses big space of ex cinema Pobjeda in Zadar, with the intention to become „moving“ gallery because the medium itself allows us to new ways of making and producing art, as well as new ways of presenting it. The concept is focused on:

  • developing research art projects through scientific researches and public calls for art works that will explore and promote the present situation on the new media art world scene, and present exhibition of selected works at the NMG;
  • education projects: new media workshops for children and performance workshops for adults that will focus on education and presenting new projects;
  • international intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation between artists, theorists and critics of new media art on collaborating projects;
  • Living in the Interface_ internet lectures-discussions with eminent world new media artists, theorists and critics.

Directors and curators: Boris Kadin, Natasha Kadin, Technical director: Juraj Aras

The theme of the call

SHE-STORY seeks out new and innovative artistic constellations regarding the theme of women, which will answer the question how does contemporary culture really addresses the theme of women today.  We are looking for works of art about women, questioning the position of women in society or in intimate relations today, or new media art works made by women.

In order to apply you need to fill the online application form, video materials need to be uploaded to a free online fileserver (like you tube, rapidshare or yousendit) and the download link needs to be put in the online application, along with two photos presenting the project, in .jpg format and other needed info.

Deadline for application is March 06th, 23:59 CET.

All applications will be closely observed by the international jury and the results of the selection will be announced on the web pages and, also every participant will be announced by e-mail.  

Exhibition opening will be on March 13th 2010. in Zadar, Croatia.

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