Call for Evidence: Disability Harassment

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We have extended the deadline for providing evidence to Friday 17 September 2010

We want to hear from anyone who has been bullied or harassed for disability related reasons, and from organisations that work for/with disabled people, including voluntary and community sector organisations, public authorities (such as local councils, police, housing, social services and education) and public transport operators.

Secure Survey: You can now give us your evidence using our secure portal - with options to complete an online questionnaire or upload files to the Inquiry

In this section:

Individuals who have experienced harassment

If you have been harassed because of your disability, or someone close to you has been affected, we want to hear about your experience. We want to hear from people who are Deaf or disabled, including those with mental health conditions and long term health conditions, as well as their family, friends or associates. We want to know what happened and what public authorities and public transport operators did – or didn’t do – to help.

Your experiences – positive or negative – will help the Commission to show what police, social services, schools, bus companies and other agencies can do to put an end to the harassment of disabled people in public places and behind closed doors. If you’re not sure what to tell us, we have a questionnaire to help get you started.

You can give your evidence anonymously but providing a name and contact details will help us if we need to contact you to find out more about what happened. Your personal information will be treated as confidential.

Individuals wishing to submit evidence may prefer to complete our downloadable questionnaire or by contacting the helpline on the numbers given below. 

If you require any reasonable adjustments that are not met by the above methods, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Organisations and interested parties

We are seeking responses from:

  • Organisations of and for people who are Deaf or disabled, including those with mental health conditions or long term health conditions
  • Organisations in contact with people who have experienced disability-related harassment such as advice agencies, refuges and organisations offering support to victims of crime
  • Public authorities
  • Public transport operators
  • Academics
  • Individuals with knowledge and experience of this issue. 

We are specifically interested in finding out about:

  • effective approaches to preventing and eliminating disability-related harassment
  • addressing the causes of disability-related harassment including prejudice and negative attitudes
  • involving disabled people in the prevention and elimination of disability-related harassment and addressing its causes
  • enabling disabled people to effectively report disability-related harassment
  • the diverse experiences and needs of disabled people related to their impairment type, age, gender, gender identity, race or ethnicity, religion or belief and sexual orientation.

Evidence does not have to address each individual point. For example, it can focus on addressing the causes of harassment or on the actions of a specific public body.

Submissions from organisations or public bodies should: 

  • state the name of the organisation
  • include information about whether the organisation provides services to specific group/s
  • include full postal address and contact details
  • begin with a summary
  • have numbered pages and paragraphs.
  • Call for Evidence Questionnaire

The Call for Evidence questionnaire can be downloaded in a range of formats:

There are a number of ways to provide evidence to the Inquiry:

  • Submit your evidence through our secure online portal
  • Send your response in Word or pdf format, in easy read or BSL format via post or by email
  • Complete a questionnaire on our website, and return it by email or post  
  • Telephone or textphone via one of our helplines (this is for individual stories and experiences only)

Please note: The deadline for providing evidence is now Friday 17 September 2010.

Where to respond to:

The deadline for providing evidence is now Friday 17 September 2010.

You can respond through any of the following methods:

  • Submit your evidence through our secure online portal
  • by email to:
  • by fax to: 0161 829 8110 clearly marked for the attention of the Disability Harassment Inquiry
  • by post to the following freepost address:

    Disability Harassment Inquiry
    Equality and Human Rights Commission
    Arndale House, Arndale Centre
    Manchester, M4 3AQ
  • by telephone or textphone via our helplines:

    Telephone: 08456 046 610
    Textphone: 08456 046 620

    Telephone: 08456 045 510
    Textphone: 08456 045 520

    Telephone: 08456 048 810
    Textphone: 08456 048 820

We would like to thank you for providing evidence to the Disability Harassment Inquiry. We will consider all responses we receive. However, due to the anticipated level of response, and to ensure confidentiality, we will not automatically acknowledge your response unless you specifically ask us to.

Related information

For details of the terms of reference and scope of this inquiry please read the Statutory Notice in full.

To check how we will protect your information please read about Data Handling and confidentiality for this inquiry.

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