Call for H+ art for Re-public exhibition

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Following the publication of the special issue on Transhumanism?, the online journal Re-public calls for submission of work for an online exhibition website. The artworks may be any media so long as they can be displayed on web.

The theme is “Transhumanism” in the widest sense.

Participants, amateurs and professionals, are invited to illustrate, comment, think and make people think about this theme with total liberty.

Proposed artworks would ideally be original, created for this exhibition, but it’s possible to propose old ones.

The texts which accompany the artworks must be either in English, in Greek, or in French.

Artworks must be sent via the site before the end of November 2009.

An international selection committee including artists, art professionals, and H+ thinkers will choose the artworks and will propose the structure of their online presentation.

This exhibition might become an ongoing website, which would become an international H+ art gallery.

Everyone is welcome!

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