Call for Submissions: Montaging The Self.

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Montaging the Self is a collaborative arts project using photography as the primary medium. This project is based solely on submissions of those who are interested in joining the project, whether stumbled upon or by word of mouth. Each photograph will have a picture of one, or two people in one instance, with tape across their mouth with one or more adjectives written on the tape. The adjectives are used to show how each person has “montaged” themselves for the better or worse, as they have grown as an individual. Please note that not all words will be in English, as the project encourages people to use the language most comfortably used.

The projected audience is GLBTQA people. GLBTQA people are often altering themselves physically, emotionally, or mentally, due to the effects of family, friends, society and the media. By taping the mouth there is some feel of censorship. This is done purposefully because many GLBTQA people have had to censor some part of their life.

I am currently working on the website, but need submissions NOW! If you are interested, I'd love to hear from you.

Please, join the project and spread the word to anyone you think would like to participate.

Send all photos and/or questions to:

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