Can Comedy Help Break Down Gender Stereotypes?

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For all the good that protesting, letter writing and mobilizing do to make this world a better place, comedy seems to be head and shoulders above the rest as far as helping to bring about change. Well, at least that's been my opinion for several years.

Throughout my life I've witnessed and experienced several forms of discrimination, prejudice and outright hatred based on race, gender, sexuality, religion, and ethnicity. You name it. However, I've always noticed that a good comedian or sketch comedy show can really bring people together and help them to forget about (or at least constructively tolerate) their differences.

Taking this into consideration and combining it with my creative and comedic talents, I created a YouTube channel several months ago dedicated to gender-bending sketch comedy. My ultimate goals? To entertain my LGBT community and also help to ease some of the tensions and pressures we feel by spreading smiles and laughter. Additionally, I hope to gain an audience outside of the community and I want people to laugh at the content itself, not the fact that I am a man wearing makeup and a dress.

Easier said than done, eh? Of course, but every little bit helps and it never hurts to put out positivity in this world. My comedy is clean and consistent, and I hope that my videos can help society get at least a tiny bit closer to looking at us as people.

One of my friends put it best -- my videos can help others laught with us instead of at us. How can you help? If you're on YouTube, I would appreciate a friendship add and a subsription to my channel. Otherwise, just enjoy my videos and share them with your friends and family.

My YouTube channel is located at


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pretty funny stuff, Jessica

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I do think that humor is helpful and I definitely appreciate yours. 

Thanks for posting it here.


Thank you for the positive

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Thank you for the positive comment =) 

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