Carmelo's Alleged Twitter Violence and One Worthless Ho

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How Twitter Reveals the way Victims of Violence  Are Stratified Based on Class, Race and Profession


People love Twitter because it is easy, fast, and great for networking. When things on twitter go good, things are really good. Conversely, when things go bad on Twitter, they go really bad. For all the reasons the mini-blogging , super popular, social networking sight attracts thousands of new users every month and remains one of the most popular sites on the world wide web, the same can cause tempers to flare and conflicts to come to pass in front of millions of users. Often, conflicts are overblown by an instant online mass of supporters (or dissenters) of whatever the cause of the day happens to be.

Yesterday, the outrage came after an NBA player took to twitter to combat a super-groupie wanna be. The results were not pretty after said NBA player's twitter account began posting messages broadcasting to his twitter followers (he has thousands) that he would pay anyone $5000 (some reports say he offered $20,000) to physically assault (slap) the super-groupie wanna be.

The posts were deleted but not before several media outlets screen-captured the messages. Several hours later, said NBA player's account posted a message contending his account had been hacked and thanking twitter for helping him straighten that out.

Whether his account was hacked is irrelevant- at least according to super-groupie wanna be. Today, super-groupie wanna be purportedly filed a police report against the NBA player. It is unknown whether or not she actually did or did not file a police report.

See, super-groupie wanna be is Kat Stacks - a woman popular on the internet for her absurd YouTube rants, real and fake YouTube fights, multiple purported sexual encounters with famous, predominantly African American men, and last but not least, for pretending to be pregnant by a famous man at least once every 3 months. I swear, I see her rants come through my Google reader almost every week and each video is more absurd than the last. From my perspective, the woman has zero credibility.

She has no credibility not because she may sell sex as her means of employment. She willfully misleads public viewers about the nature of her relationships with several high-profile people in order to exploit those men and viewers for her own, financial, gain. When viewing her videos, I can't help but feel a bit sad. You may think what I say is stigmatizing to minority women , but there truly is something tragic about Kat Stacks. I can't help but think she would be much better off if she would stop trying to re-write Confessions of a Video Vixen.

Nevertheless, her manner of internet comportment , the way she makes her money, and her tragic and degrading videos on YouTube aside, she most certainly should not be subject to a public hit on her physical person. No woman deserves such treatment, no matter what.

The account of Carmelo Anthony and the twitter account of his wife , Lala Vasquez, asked for a hit on Stacks' life, then poked fun at the situation, as if showing shots of money and repeatedly asking for someone to take a picture of harming Stacks , was hilarious.

Even though there was a much later message stating the account of Anthony's was hacked, the excuse rings hollow, based on the fact that it is just too far fetched to be plausible. I can't believe a computer hacker a) has thousands of dollars , in cash no less, sitting around for anonymous twitter pics; and b) due to Lala's responses to Anthony's twitter posts, was her account hacked too? Yes, the "someone hacked my twitter account" is an NBA player's "my dog ate my homework " excuse- I just don't buy it.

So a rich man allegedly orders a hit on a woman who makes her money in a way many people look down upon. She also happens to be a minority woman who is reaffirming stereotypes that remain about minority women. But her profession, her Twitter drama and twitter shit-talking to his wife, do not validate Anthony's alleged response. With dangerously violent images all over every corner of our media that fetishisizes violence against women, it is unfortunate that a popular and well-known athlete furthers that message by glamorizing and poking fun at violence against women when he allegedly took a hit out on Stacks.

Responses to Anthony's alleged posts have been typical: Stacks' deserved it; Stacks' is a ho, she deserves abuse; Anthony didn't post that, it was a hacker; and my personal favorite, Anthony should have just ignored Stacks' Twitter badgering. Each one of these responses absolves Anthony of the alleged hit on Stacks and places the blame squarely on her shoulders. This is so fucking typical.

Anthony should have ignored the twitter badgering of Stacks and is solely responsible for his reprehensible response to her. As in real life aggressive situations, walking away is the best way to diffuse a heated situation. Anthony should have blocked her when the situation became heated.

In a much larger context, there is something to be said about the way our modern communications enable these types of online and virtual threats and attitudes about women and violence against women- particularly against minority women.  It is well known that online stalking is extremely hard to prosecute and online threats and violence have grown in recent years- affecting both men and women. Twitter's user friendly, follower friendly layout, enables people to interact quickly with one another, as well as contact and see in real time into a small window of a famous person's life. This has been great for many people, both fans and famous persons alike. But it can go so horribly wrong in an instant as Anthony and Stacks' conflict clearly shows.

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