A Challenge Towards Transgender Pornography

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You know, this is perhaps strange -- even arbitrary -- but, there seems to be a gross lack of tasteful Nudes in the Transgender genre.


D'you know what I mean? My question is, where are all of the Black and Whites, and non-sexual poses? You know, Erotica?


Cisgendered women do it all the time. Even in a world of competitive pornography, Erotica is an art that is not lost, yet is still appreciated all over the world. And this makes them more enticing; like a desired fruit, just out of reach. Why can't we do the same? Or, why don't we?


Have we no pride in ourselves as the other women do? Or are we so low in self-esteem that we feel the need for validation through superficial exhibitions?


Personally, the objective impression I would get is that we are all beings of lust, designed to fulfill those most carnal desires. But I am not so, and I know I cannot be alone.


I challenge all up-and-coming trans-stars to make their debuts with Black and White, tasteful, Erotic calendars -- but with no pornography. And that means no devices, no special sexual props, and no penetration. Merely, the purpose of which would be to show the world what we are, and how God intended us to be made.


I think we need to change the way men perceive us. I know we do. We must show them that we are more than the sex objects that we have personified. That we are living, breathing women, with more than sex on our minds. That we have not all lost our innocence, and that we are just as feminine and graceful as any cisgendered woman -- if even we should go only so far as to display it in our modest nudity.



I write this speaking specifically of transgendered women, but the same can apply toward our men. The fact is, we overly objectify ourselves. And for what?

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