Is Christianity Biological or Environmental?

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(The following was inspired by a rather weak and badly researched religious fundamentalist attempt to discredit medical and scientific evidence which shows that a person's sexuality and gender are determined by biological factors. Enjoy - and please folks, don't take it personally - see it for the tongue-in-cheek dig it is!)

We all know somebody who identifies as Christian. Most of us are too ashamed to admit it, and shy away from such things. We live in fear of the day our son or daughter may come to us and tearfully admit "Mom, Dad, I'm a Christian." Oh, the shame!

We know these deviants are active in society, in our government, in our schools, on TV, in the media - they're everywhere, and everywhere they are, they're pushing their agenda. Very credible scientists now believe they spread by recruiting others into their unhealthy, narrow-minded, and dangerous lifestyle, perverting people's morality and just generally taking the fun out of everything.

The question as to whether Christianity is immutable naturally leads to the question of whether Christians are made or born that way. If the latter, then the case against conversion is naturally strengthened. If the former, then some serious questions need to be asked of methods of procreation, particularly the Missionary Position.

In any event, there is no real evidence for either theory. Studies have been conducted in an effort to establish one or the other, but while so far there have been studies which support the possibility that homosexuality, transsexuality and even Asperger's syndrome may result from biological factors, none have succeeded in proving the same of Christianity to the satisfaction of all concerned.

The notion that science universally embraces the ‘born Christian’ idea is a fabrication of the media, and held by none other than the man in the street. Despite much media hype, however, there are many in the scientific community who refuse to commit themselves, and even those who reject it wholesale. After all, Christianity can be described as a social disease which is passed on to new recruits daily in schools, churches and to innocent passers-by who stray too close to evangelists parading their risky lifestyle on a public street. Some people even believe that you can contract Christianity through physical contact with a Christian - or by just being in the same room with them. That is why many people are accused of being bigoted or for discriminating against Christians - because they do not wish to share office space, or rest rooms with them.

Whatever your thoughts on the matter, it is a well-documented fact that 2000 years ago Christianity started with just 12 people - and from there on out, they have been recruiting ever since. Today there are millions of Christians around the world. Some states, and even the odd political super-power, claim to be "Christian countries". Scientists believe they have never ever seen a clearer case of viral marketing in the history of the world!

Never has there been any actual wars caused or fought over people's sexual orientation or gender identity - but many, many conflicts have been sparked, fueled by and fought, over Christianity - a fact which increases the potential threat of this possibly contagious condition.

At the end of the day, modern science remains in the dark as to the ultimate cause or causes of Christianity, but suggests that it is unwise to place too much faith in the media and popular opinion at this point, but it is suspected that depression, loneliness, anti-social behavior and an unhealthy fixation with the private lives of other people - and specifically what they are up to in the privacy of their own homes - might be linked.

It must also be noted that if Christianity is one day proven to have a biological origin, conversion therefrom would literally take nothing less than a miracle. However, it is explaining the miraculous that science is really all about. Medical experts and psychologists everywhere are now asking themselves whether or not it is ethical to try to change Christians if it is in fact an inborn trait, and especially so if it is indeed immutable.

While the debate about whether the causes of Christianity are biological rages on, it must be remembered that the causes of depression, compulsive-obsessive behaviour, violence and alcoholism ARE genetic - but this does not alter the fact that they are intrinsic evils and must be fought.

Genetic does not necessarily mean determinative, natural or good. Just because people are born white does not mean that they should wear shoes, or because they are born male that they should have to urinate standing up.

Note, however, that even if Christianity is proven to be biological, it would change little for the broad majority. Science so far does not tell us whether Christianity is inborn or not, it tells us it is unhealthy and dangerous. Christianity is a threat to everything upon which modern society is built, and especially the family unit! That is precisely why we should ignore their whining about religious freedom and civil rights, who knows where it would lead if they ever had control of society! Imagine if Christianity were ever to control the world - before long there would be laws defining families as consisting of religiously married male-female only couples with as many children as possible!

We are today still living in a dark, ignorant world where people have only just recently stopped persecuting the left-handed. It could be that the slow advance of humanity from the darkness of caves and the gradual shedding of the patriarchal mentality has tainted human nature so as to produce an unnatural need to believe in improbabilities and unlikelihood. Many would try to suggest that society should stop judging Christians and instead welcome them into society and give them an equal footing - however, this would not change the fact that it is illogical and unscientific to do so.

We know the Christianist agenda only too well - they are trying to take over the world, and as they seem to demonstrate time and again - they are after our children.

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