Cintra Wilson's J.C. Penney Article--Short (And Not So Sweet Summary)

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J.C. Penney--one of the more successful stores that seems to be doing pretty well despite the recession, and the one with the highest customer satisfaction ratings, has opened a new store in Herald Square, and garnered an extremely professional piece in the New York Times by Cintra Wilson.

As it turns out,
higher-ups at the Times do have a threshold for elitism.

Now, I'm willing to give Ms. Wilson the benefit of the doubt, because I managed to find the rough draft of her article. Here it is, unmarked by any editor's pen:

"J.C. Penney opened a new store in Herald Square recently. What the hell? Don't they understand that stores that got their starts in flyover states have no business doing business on my beautiful, rich, thin, superexpensive island?


First of all, there are waaaaaayyyy too many fat people in here. And fat clothes. Fatty fat fat fat FAT FAT FAT FAT FATFATFAAAAAAAAAT FATFATFAT*.

I mean, if I was some poor, stupid, unsophisticated, simple-minded fat person visiting from Topeka, Kansas, I'd think this was heaven. But since God blessed me with a Size 2 frame, and all of the intelligence, taste, sophistication, wealth, and fancy degrees in a fancy apartment that being thin bestows, I know better than to associate with such fat people. I mean, I might catch the fat from them! And did I mention that I hate tourists?

Not to mention that the sales staff is actually nice to these stupid fatties! Why aren't they doing their duty of being extraordinarily scating and passive aggressive? Don't they realize that by having such a large stock of plus-sized clothing, their only enabling the fatsos? I mean, this person that I'm obligated to interview for this story is named Fatema! Which has "fat" in it! Why is she so fucking happy? Does she get health insurance or something? Does she actually like this job? Her answers are obviously just being parroted from some kitchy PowerPoint, because everyone knows that anyone who actually likes J.C. Penny is too stupid to think for themselves.

And the things they call clothes! [shudders and holds back a gag reflex]

Sure, they're affordable, but these fat people should just stop eating for a couple of weeks, and buy something that isn't made of polyester, or made by some poor designer that is forced to stoop to the unwashed masses. (Mr. Lauren and Ms. Ronson and Ms. Lee Simmons can't possibly do their diffusion lines because they wanted to, they must be doing penance for some really bad sin or something. I mean, who wants to proclaim to the world that they design clothes for fat people?)

Now, ridiculously strappy platform shoes are perfectly fashionable when designed by a team of white gay men (preferably from Italy or France), and sold for several thousand dollars, but when a woman of color designs them, and sells them at a [gag] affordable price point, they are unspeakably GA-HET-TO.

Sigh. At least Target is in Brooklyn.

 *Did I mention just how FAT everyone and everything was? Even the mannequins were fat.

If I mentioned to Ms. Wilson that a. Not everyone in the Midwest is stupid, poor, or fat, and that for many people, problems with weight are connected to health problems, medications, and heredity, and that losing weight isn't as simple as not "knocking back Grand Slam breakfasts", I fear her head just might explode. Which would be sad. Then again, there would be a job at the NYT to fill--by a bitingly sarcastic redhead, perhaps?

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Welcome, Merda!

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I am so happy to see you posting here.  Your passion and humor are most welcome.  It is clear to me that you care deeply about acceptance, personal identity and respect.  I also enjoy your tone on issues like this.  You tend to spot and comment on things that a lot of us see or are impacted by.



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