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COME ON PEOPLE, part 1 can be found here


In light of Feminist Griping About Mainstream Pornography:

If you like mainstream porn, then watch mainstream porn.

If you DON'T like mainstream porn, then DON'T watch mainstream porn. If you have a partner that insists that you do certain things they saw in mainstrem porn, but you do not want to, then drop said partner like a hot potato/bad habit.

And if you don't like mainstream porn, don't automatically assume that everyone that watches mainstream porn, or that is employed in some way by the porn industry, is simply following a trend blindly, is only doing so to please someone else, is a "victim" in some way, is a victim of the patriarchy, or is stupid.

And if you do like mainstream porn, don't automatically assume that everyone that dislikes mainstream porn is frigid, repressed, prudish, Pam Stenzel, old-fashioned, or a man-hater.

I do think that the whole "people-are-only-talking-about-and-performing-cumshots-because-of-mainstream-porn" arguement is bullshit. Erotica, kink, and sexual fantasy have existed for yearsandyearsandyearsandyears, in virtually every country and culture.

Read any of Shakespeare's comedies, or a play from the Restoration, or folktales and songs from the American frontier, and you'll discover an epic shitton of banter about sex and sexuality. Hell, read the Song of Songs in the Old Testament, or parts of the Talmud. 

And take a moment to just shut up and hug.

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this needs to be said

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...over and over again.

I'm loving your posts.  Thanks for bringing your voice here.


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