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REAL PEOPLE, REAL LIFE, REAL SEX…Have you heard of Comstock Films? No, me neither. That is, until a friend of mine recently brought them to my attention. As their tag line clearly implies, Comstock Films provides the world (yes, the world) with movies featuring real people, real life and real sex.

It’s amateur porn with an actual production budget. Even better, it’s actual couples who are in love getting all down and dirty to show us what it looks like when “real” people have sex. If you’re wondering why I put “real” in quotation marks just then, it’s because porn stars are real people to, ya know. If I were a porn star, I think it would annoy me if people referred to alt porn as real thereby implying that I was not, but you get the difference, right?

The difference being that porn is scripted (albeit minimally) and is more like watching someone else’s fantasy as opposed to Comstock’s own brand of intimate porn that feels a lot more like hiding in a closet and watching your friends getting it on, only they’ve given you permission and instead of viewing their orgasmic pleasure from the confines of a closet you get to do it from the comforts of your living room.

Could it get any better than this? Yes. Want to know why? Sure, I’ll tell ya. Although Comstock Films has a rather short list in terms of inventory, the variety available in terms of couples is already more than most porn conglomerate tend to make available.

Let’s take a quick look, their first film Marie & Jack gives us “a glimpse inside the private sex-life of married adult stars Marie Silva (aka Aria) and Jack Bravo.” I think that one would be extremely interesting to watch in comparison to their other movies.

Comstock’s second film, Xana & Dax: “She’s blonde, blue-eyed, and buxom. He is dark and lean. She’s an experienced woman who knows what she likes. He’s young and eager to learn. What makes this unique real life couple tick? It’s all about the connection.”

Damon & Hunter: “Take an intimate look inside the personal relationship of rising adult stars Damon DeMarco and Hunter James in the award-winningDamon & Hunter: Doing It Together, Comstock Films’ first gay feature.”

Matt & Khym: “Barely out of their teens when they got together, Matt and Khym spent many years generously taking of others instead of concentrating on themselves. Now in their thirties, Matt and Khym have taken the time to rediscover the joys of married life and married sex.”

Ashley & Kisha: “When they first met, Ashley was a lady-killer and proud of it; Kisha was sexually conservative and straight. But Ashley’s doggy ways turned to dogged determination as she watched one after another her surefire moves fail to get her into Kisha’s pants. Finally, after weeks of failed seduction, Ashley’s determination paid off: Kisha’s ambivalence gave way to curiosity, her curiosity gave way to desire, and ultimately desire blossomed into love.”

Brett and Melanie: “A classic story of: boi  meets high femme girl; boi wears big, black, strap-on; boi and girl share a spirited romp with their toys and each other. Wait, you mean you don’t know that story? Trust us, it’s a good one!”

Bill & Desiree: “Bill and Desiree’s story starts in the second half of life: a chance meeting, a powerful attraction, a carnal connection, and a deep, sensual love. Through an intimate and lively interview, we hear the story of how Bill and Desiree met, and what drew them to each other. When we witness the playful intensity of their beautifully photographed lovemaking, we see that pleasure is ageless, and that love is indeed timeless!”

Did I mention that they have excerpts on the website? Because if I didn’t, you sure as hell should skedaddle on over there and take a look. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Make sure to come back here and tell me what you think or better yet, which title you would put on your wish list.


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