Confessions of a Gender Traitor

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I confess. 

I am a gang member. 

I have benefitted from my membership in this gang, all my life.  Everything in my life has come to me easier than it has for most of the planet, because I belong to this gang.  My clothes, food, shelter, luxuries and freedom are the spoils of my membership.  We live a life of ease, gluttony, vanity and waste built on the backs of oppression, deceit and cruelty.

We are a gang that brutally oppresses half of the world's population with rape, murder, starvation, torture, disease, forced and unpaid labor, humiliation, lack of education and food and shelter.  The mother of almost every child on the planet is the target of our oppression - controlled by words, weapons & fear and deprived of a voice or respect as human - as equal.

This gang also fights among its own ranks.  The gang at the top of this pyramid of brutality, ignorance and brutality is run by several thousand gang members who use raping, pillaging, murder and destroying the entire planet to luxuriate in and hoard the wealth of the planet.  For every bite of food we eat, thousands of people die of starvation.

The annals of history are written by this gang, obliterating the thoughts, words and lives of all foes, vanquished or living.  For four thousand years we have forged the planet around us into instruments of war, torture, enslavement and despair.  We have roamed the surface of the planet in packs, armies and alone in dark alleys with an unquenchable thirst for the blood of our fellow humans.  Those whom we do not kill outright, we eliminate in history, we remove their names from their own stories and place the names we choose to honor in their places.

The framework of language, philosophy, religion, reason, science and commerce are formed by the desires and efforts of this gang to make the world in its own image.  We control the actions of the world because we own the words that people use to form the ideas of their lives.  The bedtime stories of childhood, the news of the day, the law of the land and the ramblings of the deranged are messages we give you to reinforce our place in your mind as they who you serve.

We are the gang of men.  The system we use to oppress is called many things: Patriarchy is one name, but I prefer Kyriarchy.

I am a white man, born into the clan who call themselves Christians.  We tell stories of our superiority over animals and people.  We have shaped the world into a bloodbath of bullets, disease, greed, corruption and deceit in the name of an invisible 'god'.

I will not further this slaughter nor go one step further without naming it.  You could state that I am a traitor to my gender and to my race.

I look at the brutality executed onto women, children and men in service to the gang warfare that has run unchecked for four thousand years, and I see a species of creatures committing ritual suicide.

I cannot change who I am or who I was, but I can choose what I do.  I can choose my words.  This gang is costing my child safety.  It is costing us all a future.  I have silently opposed this gang for years. 

I am silent no more. 

There is no "us & them".  There is only the life we share.  Our survival depends on all of us working together.  Abandon this gang warfare - and live.


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