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From The Scavenger:

Read my interview with aesthetic theorist and artist-designer Nyx Mathews about body modifications, sexual politics and subversion:

I think the implication of my original question is that there is an expectation of [a certain amount of] ‘body hatred’ involved in obtaining ‘sex change’ surgeries, which I don’t know how to reconcile with feminist ‘body love’ politics.

Embroiled in all that is the idea that a certain amount of suffering (a huge, unbearable amount in fact) must substantiate trans lives in order for surgery to be admissible.

And yet one must construct a story about the pain of ‘the wrong body’ in order to obtain surgery. You can’t just say, ‘well, breasts never go with my outfit, so I don’t want them.’

at Femme/trans aesthetics and sexual politics: A conversation

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