Corrective Rape.

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Freedom, Rape, Lesbian, Punishment… just words right? Just words lined up. However words have power, even in ancient Kabbalah text they shared that words are the recipe of what they depict and evoke.

So if I take these four words and put them together in a sentence, “Lesbians have no Freedom in some countries because they are Raped and Punished for who they are.”  Now that is a lot less innocent, and now my words, simple on their own have changed the page they first were sounded upon. 

Growing up in South Africa was not easy, not for anyone but least of all for women.  We are seen as property and in the African culture, as something to trade with another family for gifts and hopefully for grand children that will take care of you one day. 

I grew up as a middle class white foreigner in a country struggling for independence and freedom, mixed with hatred and anger; none was seen more then amongst the different South African tribes.  There was violence towards each others differences in political views, often the whole suffered for the few that had little tolerance. 

 I often tell people who ask me to explain to them the violence, especially after they come to know that my mother was murdered there, that when you have lived in utter poverty all your life and have seen your world through a pinhole that shows nightmares some of us will gratefully never know, you lose that sense of empathy. In desolation you lose your humanity.  When everything has been taken away, and what you are left with is little hope, anger is the emotional volcanic explosion that takes over your mind. 

It saddens me, as I was once in love with the country I grew up in, but it has ravaged my soul and today after I watched the video, E 60 Corrective Rape it has left me empty again.

Watching gay women fight for their right to live, forget the right to vote or get married to their partners but actually LIVE, it shock me stone cold. My own rage builds knowing that lesbians are killed, beaten and raped because of their sexuality, but then again, I should not be surprised as my own mother shared the same fate over the color of her skin.

The fragile sensitivity that is a man’s ego leaves little room for any other creature. Of course it was to be an expression of WHO YOU ARE as a man and nothing to do with us just having an ORIENTATION towards women.

No, you are right we are just silly little women that need to shut the fuck up, keep are legs open for your pleasure and seed, and learn our good place, behind you. You are absolute right I just have not been fucked hard enough with a big enough dick to know that I really really love men and don’t actually enjoy my tongue on a woman’s clit. 

I mean if we are going to play dumb and stay uneducated and ignorant why I don’t just go all the way, because at the end of the day they are always going to be people, culture, and societies that stay that way. Corrective Rape, yes they violently assault women in order to teach them what they are missing! Is there anything more crude and abnormal? Worst of all, nothing happens to these so-called teachers, and we are kept afraid and silent. 

I grew up with anger and violence, I know what it looks and feels like and I have chosen not to be afraid. Every time a gay person chooses to stay silent, every time you choose fear over the truth of who you are, you are allowing someone to control you.

You are allowing someone to stay bluntly ignorant and another woman will be raped. Every time you tell me it’s none of your business or not your place, you’re not only telling me you don’t care about me or the world, but most damaging, you really don’t care about yourself. 

If you don’t care about yourself enough to speak up for change and learn  the important issues that are taking place locally and internationally in the LGBTQ community then you have raped your community of the power of your words to change our life on this planet. I respect you enough to tell you that I need your help and your words to help others who are confounded in culture and traditions that bring them torture and death. 

I respect myself enough to tell you that I am living openly gay and I am not happy with my community and how it isolates itself and has more interest in celebrities and other trends that will come and go more then another LGBTQ person’s life because “that’s just not your problem.” 


Let the world know who you are. Let them see our numbers in force and in truth. Support your community in any way possible. Be there to represent your fellow men and women. Most of all, do not be afraid, as fear does nothing but create sink holes and misery… Freedom is founded by Courage! 

~The Lesbian Guru 

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