Dear Maine

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dear maine,

you have broken my heart a little bit today,

though I had built up thick walls to bar out this type of sadness,

owing to an over active imagination and inclination towards wishful thinking.

the funny thing about growing up on this hook is

it’s easy to forget that there are people for whom this everyday is not a reality,

and I get lost in thinking that everything will be ok,

because there are queer characters on tv,

interacting with the other characters in a pretend universe,

happy and satisfied in their normalcy as

they are pumped into TVs globally.

Do you turn off your TV when you see my reflection?

How could a twenty-four-year-old girl, so madly

in love, offend you?

How do you have enough time in your day

to judge me for loving honestly?

Must you make me beg

for the ability to walk to the alter

in a perfect dress, on my perfect day?

Would you require us to send out the memo,

to little girls growing up to the best of their abilities,

with big dreams of little rings and unconditional love,

that they just-better-stop-it-right-now,

for their dreams will be deemed unnatural


if they morph and adapt

as they expand to envision another woman

standing there before them?

That is a memo that I didn’t receive.

And so you’ve broken my heart,

for denying me this right,

and I hold you responsible for

rectifying this gross injustice.

♥, marzipan

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