Dear Weiner

Dear Representative Weiner:

Hello. I am sorry for the rough time you are going through right now. I imagine you are in a personal hell at the moment (unless you and your spouse have an arrangement – even then life outside of the home must be deucedly uncomfortable).

I want to make one thing clear up front: I do not care about your penis, or your peccadilloes. I have both (although the penis sits bag in a closet when not in use). I am with Lawrence O’Donnell on this one – what you do in your own life is the business of you and the people in your life.

I only care that you lied for over a week. I care that you lied to the press, lied to your colleges, and lied to us, the people. Even so, my ability to care about the lying is tempered by the fact that your sex life is none of our business, and that people lie about their sexual preferences, practices, habits, and wishes all the time because we live in a culture that denigrates sexual honest. I am slightly comforted by the fact that your lied very badly and transparently – meaning that you are not practiced at lying, and are so easy to spot when you do.

I still wish that more Democrats and/or liberals were more like you. I still want fighters on our side. I still want you to have a clone and to send that clone to Indiana, one place of many that could probably use a man like you.

All My Best,


Post Script: There is word this morning that you will step down. I really do hope that, if this is true, it is not the last time we see you in politics.
* [Edit] I removed "Namaste," as I was very kindly informed I was not using it correctly and it caused confusion. Many thanks to the person that contacted me, and well wishes to you!
UPDATE: If your penis pictures were unsolicited then they constitute sexual harassment, and you can go to hell. I stand by my assertion that liberal ideals need more loud, uncompromising, insistant voices - but we do not need you.
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