Depictions of Female Orgasm Being Banned by Classification Board

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Written by Australian Sex Party   

Federal government censors are directing Customs officials to confiscate depictions of the female orgasm when it is accompanied with an ejaculation.  The Classification Board is also starting to classify films that feature female ejaculation as Refused Classification rather than X. Films that show both male and female ejaculation have routinely been given an X rating since 1983.  The new ruling follows a boom in the numbers of adult films featuring female ejaculation since the pioneering research of Professor Emeritus Beverly Whipple was published in her book The G Spot.  Recent articles in the New Scientist and on Norman Swan’s Health Report on ABC radio have raised public awareness of this largely hitherto unknown aspects of female orgasm.

The films are being banned (Refused Classification) on one of two grounds:

1) That the depictions are a form of urination which is banned under the label of ‘golden showers’ in the Classification Guidelines or

2) Female ejaculation is an ‘abhorrent’ depiction

Australian Sex Party convenor, Fiona Patten, said that the decision showed a lack of intellectual rigour and a lack of understanding of female sexuality on the part of Australia’s censorship authorities.  She said it appeared that some members on the Board did not believe the science around female orgasm. 

“Female ejaculation has now been described in scientific literature as being as real as male ejaculation and women’s ejaculate is as different from urine, as men’s is”, she said.

“All women ejaculate at orgasm, in the same way that all men do. In some women, the amount is very small and not distinguishable from normal vaginal lubrication however some women can and do ejaculate large quantities of fluid and under great pressure.”

Ms Patten said that some depictions of female orgasm could be faked and possibly showed an expulsion of water from the vagina, however there was nothing in the Guidelines to suggest banning depictions of douching – only urination.

The Board has also started to ban depictions of small-breasted women in adult publications and films.  This is in response to a campaign led by Kids Free 2 B Kids and promoted by Barnaby Joyce and Guy Barnett in Senate Estimates late last year.  Mainstream companies such as Larry Flint’s Hustler produce some of the publications that have been banned.   These companies are regulated by the FBI to ensure that only adult performers are featured in their publications.  “We are starting to see depictions of women in their late 20s being banned because they have an A cup size”, she said.  “It may be an unintended consequence of the Senator’s actions but they are largely responsible for the sharp increase in breast size in Australian adult magazines of late”.

These changes to what is now a Refused Classification depiction also affect the amount of material that will be black listed by Senator Conroy’s proposed Internet filter.  “There are over one million sites featuring female ejaculation and for Australia to be banning depictions and discussion of this important issue, takes us back into the Victorian era where they didn’t even believe that women could have orgasms”, she said.

She said that Australian culture was being dumbed down in the sexual department and that political leaders were actively propagating an increasingly narrow window of acceptable sexual acts and cultures.  She said that all new appointees to the Classification Board and the Classification Review Board should undergo a short course in the latest scientific developments around sexuality and some sort of biology course to bring them up to date with the broad range of acceptable adult sexuality and body types.

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Putting all eloquence aside for a moment, that is some fucked up shit! Like wow, that sucks balls. And the no small breast policy strikes me as counterproductive. What, now there really is no other option besides huge breast implants. Maybe the board has a fetish for big tits and they made a deal with all the plastic surgeon to help boast their revenue. "You have small tits, well either you change your career or you put down a large sum of cash and surgecially alter your body to put out minds at ease." Bahhhhh!

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