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What role does the South Asian LGBT community in New York City play in the life of A, who might never tell her family that she is a lesbian?  In contrast, what do Priyanka, who lives with her girlfriend and is able to be open about her sexuality, and Ashu, a DJ who runs Sholay productions, a social events group for queer South Asians, gain from being a part of this community?

Desigirls follows A and Priyanka as they negotiate their diverse and often fraught experiences as gay Indian women in New York.  While A is not comfortable with her sexuality, how is it that Priyanka, brought up in India, is?  The documentary explores what their varying experiences tell us about the role of minority community groups in a diverse and often fractured immigrant society.

Desigirls (part one)

Desigirls (part two)

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Film Review: Desigirls

 I found the film to be a real gem. Thought you might also be interested in my review:)

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