To do an erotic photo shoot or not

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Oh the dilemma, well not really. The decision was easy in the end but can't tell you what it was just yet, where is the fun and suspense in that?

My cousin sent me a message about an ad she found looking for women who would do some erotic photos... naked... and would pay between $150 - $300 an hour. Wanting a little extra cash and not having a problem being naked I thought it sounded like something fun to do. I mean, I plan to do something like that anyway, why not get paid for it?!?

When I eventually spoke to them I asked if they were looking for model bodies. You know, the kind that don't have a blemish or ounce of fat on them (I'm a mother of 2, I'm not Barbie you know!), and the lady said no, they just want real women who are comfortable with their bodies. Well, hell, that's me! It still sounded good so I arranged to be interviewed yesterday afternoon.

I arrived at a quaint little house in northern Melbourne, the photographer woman met me at the door and she seemed nice, easy to talk to, the artistic type. She took me up to the office and introduced me to the “levels” of participation and the pay rate that went with each. $150 an hour for basically being photographed taking your clothes of but in a hot, sensual and teasing fashion. Anyone who knows me knows I don't mind a bit of a tease so that seemed easy.

The second level at $200 an hour was doing that and then being photographed with your hands on your body, both “upstairs and downstairs”... well I don't mind doing that either, I personally have photos of me doing a lot more!

The last level at $300 an hour was all of that plus photos of extra things being inserted in places... Pick a thing and pick a place! Hmmm, I have photos of that too...

So all of that was ok but I think this is the part where it started to take a different direction.

The photos were to be used on a website. People pay a membership to see the photos but they can also download them. The models use alias's but my brain drifted off to the future when I'm standing on a platform as an “expert” and someone publicly showing those pictures... I had to ask myself would it be damaging or would I become more of an example to other women to do something a little wild and to not be ashamed of it...

I still wasn't convinced either way as I want other women to explore their inner wild woman, to express themselves sexually and sensually, and to be out and proud about who they are and what they look like. I think we are all naturally beautiful, and how we feel about ourselves plays a huge part in that.

Anyway, then she tells me that they do about a 2 hour photo shoot and shoot a “bit of video”. Hang on, what? Video? I'm not a fan of the cam when I'm at home and she wants me to put a vid up on the internet of me playing with myself? Hello! Ok, comfort zone officially violated. Apparently it's not mandatory but definitely “preferred” as video is so big on the internet...

I said I'd think about it and talk it over with Mr Wonderful before making a decision. I went home and showed him the site. He had the same feeling as I did, the site is a bit ordinary, a bit more like soft porn as opposed to erotic photography. Actually, it WAS soft porn, not what I would consider just erotic photography.

You only wear a little bit of make up and have your hair natural, they don't spend anytime on the photos photoshopping the pictures to remove blemishes or anything. They don't give you the prints but they give you access to the membership site to download them... along with anyone else who has a membership.

While the initial idea was great, and I was excited about the prospect of doing it to explore my own inner wild woman, I don't think this site is for me. I want what I do to be something I'm proud of, that could go on the wall as art and that I'd let my kids see; tastefully done erotic photos please.

I got onto Google and thought that maybe I could still be someone's model so I went looking for erotic photography here in Melbourne and found one guy. I love his stuff, his attitude towards sex and sexuality, so I emailed him last night asking about how I could be one of his models... he may or may not be the guy but I know what I want. Oh, check him out I love the photo of the woman in the handcuffs :)

So now I am looking for a photographer that is professional, has done erotic photos before so I can see how he/she does them, is going to direct me in the photo shoot to help me bring out my inner wild woman and and tap into that real and raw sexual part of myself... I don't have the spare cash to splash out and just do the shoot for me, I'd love for what I do to be used as art or in their own portfolio, and for me to be able to use them for the same while promoting what they do. Not asking for much really :o)

You know what, if I find the right photographer, I would love to help other women do the same thing! Oh this could be so much fun...

...and that's just what I think!

PS: If you know a photographer or are an interested one, email me! Let's talk :o) <taken from Chantelle's Diary>

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Even more lucid thinking from you, Chantelle.  You are spoiling us!!! 

Thank you for it,


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