Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal? No time soon

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Pentagon Stop the Hate! Don't Ask, Don't Tell Discriminates!


Pentagon: No Plans To End Military Gay Ban

a brief excerpt from the article, found on Gay News Blog:


Pentagon Spokesman Geoff Morrell told reporters Tuesday that repeal was not being actively pursued.

The ban, known as “don’t ask, don’t tell,” prescribes discharge from the military for gay and lesbian service members who do not remain closeted or celibate.

This is one of those intersections between my two communities–Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. We share the irony and ignominy of systematic second-class treatment even as we serve others, straight and queer alike.

I am not military and never will be–medically unfit–but I have tons of friends that are in and/or work for the military. One friend in particular is counting down the days til she gets retired from active service, because then she can stop dressing for her genes and start dressing like herself.

Of course she’ll still have to be careful–her job when she’s not on active duty is to make and modify machinery that requires an impressive Security Clearance. I asked her the other day if she’ll be able to be herself full time post retirement. She told me that dressing as herself would cost her the Clearance because according to the higher ups, she could be ‘blackmailed’ with her identity.

This seems to me all the more reason to repeal DADT–after all, if there are no secrets, nothing to blackmail with! This is why I live Out. I have plans to develop a para-political career, publish books, and possibly counsel professionally within my community or go to seminary. I have NO interest in giving anyone permission to start a Tranny Panic! to try to discredit me or give me bad press.

Please ask, I’ll Tell.

This article originally appeared on Project Pastiche's Blog

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