Enough Is Enough

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Dear Mr Ssempe lays it all on the line for SA - send Jon to Uganda - or else face protests and a boycott of SA businesses in Uganda.

"We take this letter to remind you that South Africa has vast strategic economic interests in Uganda in the areas of communications, energy, banking, food and mineral sectors. These include household names such as MTN, Eskom, Stanbic, Nandos, and many others. The de-selection of Mr. Jon Qwelane and sending to Uganda someone who pleases the homosexual groups in South Africa threatens the good social standing of these companies in light of our nations values. You need to carefully weigh what is South Africa’s strategic interest in our nation and region. Is it business or sodomy?" "Cancelling Mr. Jon Qwelane appointment and sending someone else due to the pressure of the homosexuals will trigger a widespread civil society protest which stands to affect the South African businesses in Uganda."

A big, burning question I would like answered is: Why is SA even trading with those fascists in the first place - and why is SA still - after two years - refusing to speak out against Uganda's laws which abuse human rights?

Why is Eskom - that's right, our own struggling Eskom - supplying electricity to tyrants in another country, probably at a lower cost, when South Africans are facing a drastic electricity shortage and a massive increase in costs? Surely this is unjustifiable?

Why are South African companies, as listed by Ssempe, trading in Uganda? I know that business is business, but you have to draw the line somewhere. Franchises can be cancelled, trade agreements sidelined or suspended. If I owned a franchise being used by shops in Uganda, I wouldn't want my brand associated with that country and it's disgusting policies. I am sure that companies which traded with Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa faced penalties, what is the difference here?

I think it is time South Africans grow a backbone and a sense of moral outrage at the prospect of inhuman laws which would institutionalize genocide - and the increasing likelihood that our government is quietly approving events in Uganda. I think they should withdraw their business interests from such places, which already victimize and destroy the lives of innocent people, who like everyone else, are simply trying to live normal happy lives - and seek to pass vile and evil laws which attempt to legitimize genocide and cruelty in the name of religious fanaticism.

If this new law in Uganda, which will provide for the mass murder of people simply based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, passes, I wouldn't want it known that my brand was feeding the abusers of human rights and the perpetrators of the Pink Genocide. I could add, "Genocide generously sponsored by... fill in the blanks." And believe me, these brand names have now been openly associated with Uganda by Martin Ssempe, one of the architects of what is being called the Ugandan Genocide Bill.

Look at the values being paraded in Uganda, South African people, whatever you color, language, faith or hue. Ssempe and his political allies in the Ugandan government are advertising a crack down on human rights, a removal of freedoms we take for granted here. They are intent on killing innocent ordinary people simply for who they are - and in passing a neat little law to make it look "right", "just", "moral" - and they are even dragging religion into it in order to make it look "legitimate". They are intent on committing murder in the name of religion. I was under the impression that the Dark Ages ended six centuries ago, clearly I was wrong.

Have a good look at current events in Uganda, have a good look at the circumstances, back ground and the players involved - and then decide what kind of move it would be to send Jon Qwelane - a man who has made no secret of his hatred of gay people - to Uganda to act as a South African ambassador. And then to have the cheek to expect the Pink Community in South Africa to still pay for his salary out of our tax money?

It is time South Africans stood away and divorced themselves from association with groups of people such as "pastor" Martin Ssempe, and his many backers in Ugandan politics, who seek to ruin lives and oppress human rights - and to say "Enough is enough - not in my name!"

I urge the South African government to consider the value of human life and dignity and the threat to human rights in Uganda - and the freedoms and human rights guaranteed in the Constitution of South Africa, and to act in this matter accordingly.

Overturn Jon Qwelane's appointment, Mr Zuma - and condemn Uganda's human rights abuses as the folly, danger and evil they are.
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