The Face of Hatred - A Hate Crime Survivor

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 This is a powerful, moving video from a man - Michael, who was recently attacked and brutalized because he is gay.  The police arrested him rather than seek the attackers.  They arrested the man lying on the ground in his own blood. 

[From Michael]

Something I left out of this video, after I called the Saint Petersburg Police Dept here in Florida, they found my broken and battered body on the ground. I explained that I was attacked, instead of wanting to help me they asked if i had been drinking, I then pointed to where i last remembered the men running away, the cops were not interested.

I then got angry and said "why are you not going after them? The cop did not answer me, I then told him I have a serious blood disease, I am beaten and you might as well finish me off if you're not here to help me, and said some more sarcastic angry things because I was in shock and excruciating pain.

I was then handcuffed and was told that I was being "baker-acted" because I am a threat to others and to myself.

This is my way of trying to be strong after being beaten.  It's important that people see what hatred upon another for no other reason than for being born the way I am, to bring about change. I do not hate my attackers, I forgive them and pray they will lose the hatred in their hearts.

Be well, Michael

The people in St. Petersburg, FL have homophobic, lazy cops!  Please call St. Petersburg Chief of Police, Charles " Chuck" Harmon at (727) 893-7588 to demand the apprehension of the men that beat Michael and to institute policy changes in his donut-eaters.

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