Female Ejaculation Part 2: The Tools You'll Need

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Not that that kind of tool, get your mind out of the gutter. What I’m talking about here is mastering the physical elements that happen involuntarily inside your body while you’re having an orgasm. The better you are at taping into them the better orgasms you will have. And who doesn’t want a full body orgasm, the kind that blows your mind? Well, even if you’re lazy, even if you think the idea of mastering “orgasmic energy” sounds a little too new-age for your cynical soul, I suggest you give it a try anyhow. The worst that can happen is a big wet spot on your bed and if that’s a concern try using a towel.

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Before you can build up all those sexy feelings into an orgasm  you have to be relaxed. It’s a lot easier to achieve by yourself, so I suggest you give it some solo practice before trying to squirt in the presence of another person. You want to feel comfortable with what you are doing, and once you can achieve that all by your lonesome, you can practice with another person in the room. Stay in the moment and don’t let yourself get worked up in terms of technical details or self-consciousness. 


Find a comfortable spot and try taking a few deep breaths. Deep belly breaths. You’ll want your stomach to expand when you breath in (in, pause, out, pause and all over again). Try inhaling and exhaling through your mouth, because it will enhance your connection to your body (making the experience more physical and sensual) and you’ll be less self-aware of your overworked brain. 

Making Sounds

Ever been with a person where everything you’ve ever wanted to express to them could be said through moans, groans and grunts? Unless you’re in a situation where you can’t make any sound, because you don’t want to get caught, I suggest you let all those intimate sounds escape from your sweet lips. Sound isn’t only a perfect tool to let your partner know what you like and what you don’t, but it also forges a deep connect within your own body and resonates in all those places that serve to heighten the pleasure you are feeling. And frankly, it’s just plain hot!

Visualizing Energy

Use your imagination. Think of all the sweet and nasty little things that turn you on, and focus that energy into your body. Try moving that sexual energy around from your head to your toes. Having a hard time visualizing all this in your mind’s eye? Look at yourself, look at your feet, your knees, thighs, hips and tits, get turned on by your own damn beautiful self. 

Pelvic Rocking 

Rock your pelvis back in forth. Use whatever motion feels comfortable. Feel the muscles in your ass, stomach and thighs tense and relax as you rock in tune with your breathing. 

Exercise Your Pelvic Muscle

Also known as Kegel exercises (named after the guy who suggested these exercises to women who suffered from incontinence or had just given birth), this little pelvic floor work-out strengthens your ability to tighten and relax the grip of your vagina. What’s interesting is that this pulsating occurs naturally at the moment of orgasm and the stronger your PC muscle is the better orgasm you can achieve. 

I’m pretty self-aware of my PC muscle, because it starts to pulsate all by itself when I get turned on. It kind of feels like your clit is throbbing, but really it’s the muscle inside your vagina that is clenching and releasing. The easiest way to locate your PC muscle is when you are taking a piss. Try interrupting the flow of your pee, by squeezing in and try pushing out the last few drops when you are nearly done and you’ve just performed your first Kegel exercise. 

PC Flex: Squeeze and release your PC muscle at the rate of your heartbeat, which amounts to roughly one second per hold. Start by doing twenty contractions twice a day and slowly build up to two sets of seventy-five. 

PC Clench: Inhale, clench and hold the squeeze for three seconds (eventually leading up to fifteen seconds). Then push-out and relax for the same amount of time before your next round. Do twenty reps twice a day, slowly building up to seventy-five reps. Do the push-out variation as many times as the squeeze and hold. 

PC Flutters: Repeat the PC flexes, only as fast as you possibly can for several breaths. Do twenty sets of these twice a day. 

PC Clamps: Are simply longer clenches. Try working up to being able to hold a squeeze for up to two minutes, twenty times each set. 

Practice, Practice, Practice

  1. Get Comfortable. 
  2. Relax and release all the tension in your body. 
  3. Start taking deep breaths. 
  4. Rock your pelvis in and out in rhythm with your breath. 
  5. Add a PC pump on the in-breath. 
  6. Start moaning your ass off as you start to feel good. 
  7. Visualize all the energy flowing through your entire body. 
  8. Enjoy yourself!
  9. Try to synchronize with a partner and coordinate your breaths. 

You’ll want to practice this for about fifteen minutes a few times a week. 


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 How do I remove that code above the practice bit? 


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Thank You!

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 Thanks Arvan, I really had no idea how to remove it or how it got there in the first place. 


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I've read that female ejaculation is not related to how intense the orgasm is. I haven't found this to be true. I'm much, much more likely to ejaculate during more intense orgasms. Have you had/heard of anything about that?

I'm Not Sure

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 I have one friend who can ejaculate strictly from clitoral stimulation and personally when I ejaculate there seems to have been a longer process of arousal with g-spot stimulation involves, although, in the end, what gets me off is my clit. Also, when I've ejaculated it wasn't so much a squirt (meaning it had no projection), but more of a release of liquid that just felt extra nice. 

As far as what I've read is concerned, people tend to link female ejaculation to g-spot orgasms and it is definitely linked to more intense feelings (but that might just because g-spot orgasms are often considered to be more powerful that clitoral orgasms). Ultimately, when you stimulate your g-spot you are in fact stimulating your skene glands, which swell up during arousal (that's the lump you feel through the wall of your vagina), and the skene glands is what is thought to produce the liquid that you ejaculate. 

Mainly, there doesn't seem to be one definite answer. Approaching the subject in an empirical-scientific-data-research kind of way seems to be problematic or at least somewhat taboo, since the test subjects would have to be women who are in a state of sexual arousal and ultimately orgasms for any data to be recorded and the means by which they achieve this type of research isn't exactly routine procedure. 

And seriously, all women (and men) are different and we all respond to physical stimulation in different ways. 

But, humm, to get back to your question, I personally think that the more intense the orgasm the more likely you are to ejaculate. Just don't ask me to back that up with proof. 

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