The Female Horndog

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Popular opinion has it that being a "horndog" is the exclusive providence of the male of the species, while the female of the species is way too refined to consider such shenanigans as casual hookups and shagging for the sheer fun of it.

This view has also been supported by some scientists. Women, according to evolutionary psychologists, have evolved to focus their attention on long-term mating prospects and prefer to have sex only within the context of a relationship, while prefer to spread their seed around.

Not so, say researchers as the University of Guelph. Some women do indeed like sex just for physical pleasure alone. A study published in The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality looked at the characteristics of heterosexual women that researchers defined as "highly sexual" and found they differed in a number of ways from their more inhibited sisters.

For starters, highly sexual women regard sexual gratification as more important in their lives - important enough to risk social disapproval by behaving in ways that are not considered appropriate for their gender. It was not uncommon for such women to say that they had a powerful sex drive that had to be satisfied (sorry, guys, I don't have any phone numbers).

Highly sexual women were found to have sex earlier, and to fantasize, watch porn, and masturbate more often. Plus, they had a higher number of life-time sex partners, more casual sex, and indulged in more sexual acts with a higher orgasmic payoff.

Three prominent characteristics of highly sexual women were: 1. sexual self-confidence (they usually regarded themselves as hot tamales in the sack) 2. a high regard for their own sexual pleasure, and 3. sexual assertiveness (e.g., they're weren't shy about discussing their needs with a partner or touching themselves during sex).

Some of their sexual independence may be due to a having a higher paycheck. The researchers found that economically empowered women were more likely to engage in casual encounters with highly attractive partners. Read the entire article at The Free Library.

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