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Court rules in favor of sexual equality in Korea.

A longstanding law designed to ban people from having sex under the pretense of marriage was declared unconstitutional on Thursday. The Constitutional Court ruled that the law goes against sexual equality and women's right to make their own decisions regarding sex. The ruling reflected changing social values, especially concerning sex.

In fact, the law has increasingly been considered outdated. It was enacted in 1953 to make it illegal for a person to have sexual intercourse on false promises of marriage. The criminal code has long been aimed at protecting women from being coaxed into sex with their male partners. But there have been growing concerns among both men and women that the law was the product of Korea's male-dominated Confucian culture, which denied women's right to self-determination regarding sexual activity.

Political war

in the Philippines leads to a massacre and displays the brutal practice of sexual assault and mutilation of women as a show of power and dominance. The women murdered were found apart from the men's bodies and had their pants down or off. Even still, those questioned were more upset about reporters having been shot because they were potential witnesses-not the brutal "pillage and rape" style attack on the group's wives and daughters.

DAVAO CITY, the Philippines — Most or all of the 22 women among the 57 people massacred Monday in the southern Philippines were sexually mutilated, the authorities said Friday, adding grim details to the catalog of horrors that has already emerged.

“Even the private parts of the women were shot at,” the justice secretary, Agnes Devanadera, said on national television. “It was horrible. It was not done to just one. It was done practically to all the women.”

In Armenia, marchers take to the streets to stop violence against women.

Yerevan - On November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Women's Resource Center in Yerevan mobilized community members and other NGOs to protest gender violence. The events planned for November 25 marked the beginning of 16 days of activism to end violence against women and girls. The events will include an exhibition and film screening at Cinema Moscow in December.

An interesting story from the Chicago Tribune.

"Women's sports need female fans". Yeah sure. We aren't stupid, we know when a less than equal product is thrown together in a half-assed attempt to wrangle more women to the male-dominated sports arena.

Interestingly enough, the reason professional women's sports have struggled to survive isn't necessarily that men don't watch them -- it's that women don't either.Yes, some men will watch because some men will watch anything involving a ball. But if women don't start watching women's sports, they don't have a chance.

This is the problem with sports today. This article is the absolute embodiment of how sports are part of  the dominant, male culture. Until sports are an all inclusive entity that does not segregate and discriminate, no amount of WNBA, LPGA, or Softball marketing towards women, as products for women, will bring more fans to the arena.

How the feminist fight for marriage rights, working rights and reproductive freedom laid the groundwork for Gay rights and the same-sex marriage movement.

Marriage between a man and a woman underwent a transformation during the women’s movement, which laid some of the groundwork for the gay marriage movement.
Although some feminists thought the entire institution should be abolished, others proposed and made popular a modern ideal of marriage as a union of equals based on love and respect. This ideal has room for gay couples where the traditional model did not.

Both the feminist version of marriage and the gay couples seeking to wed threaten the traditional ideal, which is very much consumed with who wears the pants in the relationship. Much like today, loosely translated ancient texts were trotted out back then to defend the traditional version of marriage as the eternal standard. That those ancient texts also supported polygamous arrangements and men in robes was ignored in the 1960s as it is now

I bought my son the new Mario Brothers game for the Nintendo Wii. While looking for information on the game, I ran into this extremely sexist video.

After seeing this, I decided to find out more information on video games, the gaming community and sexism. The amount of information is endless. I suppose I can save it for a further post but I will say that the gaming community remains largely a male's domain, much as the sports world is, with the small group of female gamers who are equally as talented as men but receive very little, to no, actual regard.

The portrayal of women in gaming world from the male's perspective: "like a boy who passes from the immaturity of puberty into the realization that romantic relationships are meaningful and complex...". Link


Verizon's look at female gamers.
From the marketing view: brands are going after female gamers.

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