FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE)

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The FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine, or FAADE, is a tool that alerts you of profiles on FetLife belonging to people who have reportedly violated others’ consent, such as through sexual assault or rape. This tool is a response to what is, as of this writing, one of the most popular suggestions in the FetLife suggestion box:

Let us name abusers.

Fetlife’s Terms of Use include the following prohibitions:

“You agree that, while using BitLove Inc.’s Products and Services, you will not:
Personally attack, make fun of, troll, flame, bully, stalk or otherwise harass another member.
Make criminal accusations against another member in a public forum. […]“

While these conditions may be invoked to stop harassment and to shield Fetlife from liability, they also prevent members of our community from publicly naming and speaking out against abusers, rapists, and other predators. Given Fetlife’s prominence and the role it plays in supporting and expanding kink community – particularly its role as a point of entry into the community for young, inexperienced, or otherwise vulnerable people – we feel that Fetlife’s current policy is irresponsible and tantamount to enabling abuse. PLEASE CHANGE IT.

FAADE empowers Internet users like you to anonymously report harassment, rape, and other abuses they have experienced at the hands of a person with a FetLife account. Your report is then automatically disemminated to other FAADE users, as well as being published on the open Internet. While browsing FetLife, FAADE will also highlight any user profile you encounter that has allegedly violated another person’s consent. Click through to the user’s profile for a complete listing of reported consent violations.

System requirements

To use the FetLife Alleged Abusers Datase Engine, you must be running Mozilla Firefox (version 12.0 or higher), with the Greasemonkey extension installed (at version 1.0 or higher).

Sorry, FAADE is currently incompatible with other Web browsers. (Please help me fix that!)


To install the FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine, go to http://maybemaimed.com/playground/fetlife-alleged-abusers-database-engine/ and click the “Download and install” near the middle of the page:

Download and install FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine

If you enjoy this script, please consider tossing a few metaphorical coins in my cyberbusking hat. :) Your donations are sincerely appreciated! Can’t afford to part with any coin? It’s cool. Tweet your appreciation, instead.

If maybemaimed.com is censored where you are, you can alternatively go to the Userscripts.org page for FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine and click on “Install“. If the tool is also unavailable there, you can alternatively download FAADE from GitHub.com.


To use the FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE), log in to your FetLife.com account and click the “(report a consent violation by username)” link next to the FetLife username of the user who you wish to report for an alleged assault, rape, or other violation of your consent.

When you click a “report a consent violation” link, you will be presented with a form asking you for pertinent information related to the violation you would like to report. Follow the instructions on the form and click “Submit” to complete your report.

Once you have filed your report, it will be displayed to other FAADE users near the top of the alleged abuser’s FetLife profile, as shown in the example below:

Screenshot of FetLife profile with record of alleged consent violation.

Please be patient. It may take up to 24 hours for your report to be visible on FetLife pages to other FAADE users, but it will be immediately available on the open Internet. The entire database of alleged abuses is also available for download to anyone, regardless of whether they use FAADE or not, in multiple formats:

Additionally, you can also subscribe to receive updates of alleged abuses:

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you report a new issue with the FetLife Alleged Abusers Database Engine (FAADE), please check to ensure your question is not already addressed in the list below.

Can I report a consent violation anonymously?

Yes. FAADE will never require the use of your personally identifying information to be reported, nor will it ever collect your personal information. When you file a report of abuse, you are welcome to include as much or as little information about yourself as you feel comfortable doing.

Can I report a consent violation if I don’t have a FetLife account?

Yes. Anyone can file a report, regardles of whether they, themselves, have a FetLife account. However, allegations can only be made against users of FetLife.

If you don’t have a FetLife account, you can still access and submit the report form. However, some fields, such as the person’s numeric FetLife user ID and profile name, will not be be automatically filled in. Follow the instructions on the report form to help you complete any fields not already pre-filled.

Can I remove myself from the database?

No. There will never be an option for removing anyone from the database. And no, I’m not sorry about that.

What can I do if I’ve been falsely accused?

You can update your FetLife profile to address the allegation. Be sure to respond to the allegation at the very beginning of your “About me” section so that it is displayed close to the report you believe is false. Each report filed against you is numbered, so if you believe there are multiple false accusations, you can refer to them by number.

Where can I learn more about this issue?

The following articles are important reads that offer additional background and context for this issue:

Each of the pages listed above also contain numerous additional links. Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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