Filthy cuts - open thread

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I had my house mix going today and got on a roll with filthy, nasty cuts.  Maybe it's because my wife's been out of town for 7 weeks or something.  But, I'm gettin' kinda frisky over here. 

I thought I could start an open thread with some nasty, sex themed tunes.  I am not much for wading into something timidly.  So, I figured I'd dive straight for the good stuff. 

Let's start with one of the great one, "French Kiss" by Lil' Louis:  

Next, I have Noir, Black Magik - "Fuck Me" 

My third and final cut for this filthy diversion is Jose Nunez - "Bilingual"

Please post some of your own.  Just press the button marked "Source" over the comment window and paste the embed code from youtube or whatever. 

Be sure to clean up afterward.


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