Free Hate Kills

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You believe in freedom of speech, don't you? How about freedom of religion? You believe in that? I know I do. But every so often there are people who come along demanding that some forms of freedom of speech or expression of their religious beliefs are actually "hate speech" - like those nasty deviants and trolls, the homosexuals. Know what I mean? No?

Well let me tell you. A few years ago Uganda (yes - that Uganda, the little country in central Africa that most people in the Western world need to look for on a map to see that it is an actual place and not some fictional setting in a novel or a suburb somewhere in Soweto) started cleaning house and tidying up all the loose ends. They started clearing out all the humanistic nonsense and jibber-jabber about human rights and started talking sense. the began speaking about morals and the importance of family and putting children first. They started putting Christ back into government where He belongs, and planning sweeping reforms and exposing those freaks for what they are - deviants and a danger to greater civilization throughout Africa.

A newspaper, the Rolling Stone Magazine, started putting the names, addresses and pictures of these nasty sociopaths and pedophiles on their front page a few years back, exposing them for the frauds they are, parading around as if they are as human as every decent heterosexual pillar of Ugandan Christian society, while their very existence chips away at the moral fiber of Ugandan dignity and Christian righteousness. Rightfully, calls were made by this same magazine for these sub-human creatures to be killed, accompanied by howls of outrage from the international community who are all too willing pawns of the homosexual agenda.


If your blood is boiling right about now from reading this, then you're probably someone who is fair minded, benevolent and who has a life of your own and minds your own business. You might be gay yourself, or transgender - and probably sitting somewhere far away from Uganda, safe and secure - along with your rights, however basic they may be. Rest assured, my blood is boiling too, because the above is written to demonstrate exactly the sentiments of some of those who run the country and greater society of Uganda, including the government, the religious sphere and social sphere.

So now that I have your attention, and you are suitably pissed off like I am, let me answer your question - why?

Why this article? Because two years after threatening to begin state sponsored genovide of the Pink Community of Uganda, still the international community and the UN have done little if anything to actually make it clear to Uganda that sweeping changes are indeed required of them - only in the opposite direction they seem keen to take it.

Why this article? Because while we may site comfortably in South Africa or the USA or Europe, where we may have basic human rights protections and even great freedoms and equalities by comparison to our people in Uganda, even the most basic of ours outshines theirs. In Uganda a person who is gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgender or intersex has NO human rights.

Why this article? Because after two years, South Africa is still trading with and providing economic and logistic support to the Uganda that sees people like me as trash, morally and socially inferior, and worthy of death by genocide - and because our government hasn't got the moral fiber, or quite frankly, the balls to stop licking Uganda's arse.

Why this article? Because David Kato, friend, colleague, teacher, family member, and human rights defender of the Pink Community in Uganda was brutally beaten to death inside his home on 26 January 2011. Across the entire country, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex Ugandans mourn the loss and fear for their own lives.

Why this article? Because David Kato’s death comes directly after the Supreme Court of Uganda ruled that people must stop inciting violence against homosexuals and must respect the right to privacy and human dignity - it was a small but significant victory - and yet he was nevertheless murdered brutally in his own home for being part of a persecuted and hated minority group.

Why this article? Because David Kato was receiving death threats since his face was put on the front page of Rolling Stone Magazine, which called for his death and the death of all homosexuals. It seems, at least this time, that the "pillars of Ugandan society" and all those evangelical church groups both in and out of Uganda who have been fueling this madness, got exactly what they wanted.

Why this article? Because some of the same foreign evangelical church or faith groups, such as Exodus International, and various other so-called "ex-gay" groups are still allowed to practice their lunacy in South Africa, unfettered by reason, logic or human rights law, and without even suffering the inconvenience of being declared hate or terror groups.

Why this article? Because this demonstrates exactly the difference between freedom of speech and hate crime and hate speech. Because it shows the line between reporting the news and actually making it happen. Because it demonstrates how some people are not content with being allowed to believe what they want to about other people, or to live according to those beliefs - but feel obliged to live other people's lives for them, and if they can't manage to force their views on them, to kill them. And because this insanity indicates exactly what happens in a country where rampant ignorance and religious fundamentalism are twisted into a blind rage of hatred - and you happen to be part of the other group that the majority focuses this rage upon.

Looking at it the way I am, when a government and a religious sector freely and openly indulge in blatant hate speech and incitement to murder and genocide - then they are guilty of every drop of blood spilled as a result.

I don't pray. But if I did, it would be for anyone on the recieving end in that country. Unlike the "pillars" of Ugandan society, I don't prey either. But they do. On us.
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