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Freedom Center is a Western Massachusetts support, advocacy, and activism community for people labeled with severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia, bipolar, and OCD.

They are a living alternative to mainstream care, offering yoga, acupuncture, writing groups, human rights advocacy and public education.  They are creating compassionate, non-coercive and holistic alternatives for people in extreme emotional states.


Freedom Center - Healing Voices Video from Freedom Center on Vimeo.

Freedom Center's goals are:

  • to end all force and coercion, including involuntary treatment and forced drugging;
  • to ensure access to resources such as housing is without strings and not conditional on treatment "compliance;"
  • to defend human rights and ensure protective laws and regulations are enforced;
  • to ensure all treatment decisions are based on true informed consent and accurate information about risks;
  • to change drugging as the medical standard of care for psychosis;
  • to end all psych drugging of children and offer alternatives instead;
  • to support effective alternatives such as nutrition, exercise, holistic health care, nature and animals;
  • to provide voluntary, non-paternalistic social supports such as peer-run programs, housing, income, and individual and family therapy;
  • to create Soteria House-style options;
  • to expose psychiatric and pharmaceutical industry myths, propaganda, and corruption;
  • to end wasteful bureaucracies and expensive professional elites;
  • to break the silence around trauma and abuse;
  • to end fear and misunderstanding of "madness" and extreme states of consciousness;
  • and to make common cause with progressive movements for social justice and ecological balance.

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Video produced by Freedom Center and Digital Eyes Film

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