Gallup Poll Says 50 Percent of Americans Accept Gay Relations; Oh Really?

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So, now that we're halfway there, according to Gallup, should we lay this puppy to rest? Clayton M. McCleskey of the Dallas Morning News believes so. "So, hopefully this all adds up to mean we'll soon be able to lay this hot button topic to rest and move on. There are so many other, more important issues that we should spend our time debating."

Well, let's see now. Why don't I get together with my ex-girlfriend for the day? We can hold hands and walk down Chicago's Michigan Avenue. Along the route we'll kiss, once or twice. I wonder how far we'll get before some passerby shouts something cruel to us or worse. Michigan Avenue ain't Boys Town. It's populated with all sorts of individuals, including homophobes.

Let’s be clear. Just because Gallup says we're 50 percent there, doesn't make it so. How many of your family members are okay with the fact that you're gay? How about throwing a coming out party at your corporate office? You could do a pot luck! That would work, right? Why don't all the celebrities that are hiding out in the closet come on out? We all know their careers won't be harmed.  Gay celebrities are more than welcome in this society. Right? 

Just because Laura Bush got on Larry King Live and said she was in favor of gay marriage doesn't mean that gays can get married in most of the states in America. Just because some lesbians are able to adopt doesn't mean that most of them can. Just because some Christians accept gays in the church doesn't mean all gay Christians are welcome.

Gay equality is a hot button for a reason, McCleskey.  Until gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders are truly equal, we don't care about your beloved Gallup Poll.


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