GLBT Promo Book Giveaway - July 2010

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GLBT Promo Book Giveaway. For the rest of 2010, enter for a chance to win one new book every month.

July 2010

Sapphistocated (F/F)

by Yeva Wiest, Alessia Brio, Beth Wylde and Jolie du Pre Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Prize courtesy of Phaze.

Double Decker by Alessia Brio: Tess is determined to win the big Karaoke contest at the Double Decker bar, and the heart of the woman organizing it. Will her evening end on a high note?

I Know What I Want by Jolie du Pre: Allie is an up and coming model who catches the eye of a wealthy, dominating woman. While the attentions and money from "special" modeling sessions are nice, Allie wants more...but how much is enough?

Better With Age by Beth Wylde: After nearly twenty years, Olivia runs into her first love, Aleesha. While time seems to fade as they reunite, Olivia isn't sure passion could possibly have survived. It takes a surprising discovery at home to convince her to find out for certain if she's gotten better with age.

Drawn by Yeva Wiest: Manga artist Sydney loves 'em thin and leaves 'em shortly afterward, so why is she obsessing over the big, beautiful daughter of her publisher? As her Yuri artwork torments her and friends advise her, Sydney struggles with these new feelings and learns that where love and passion are concerned, she doesn't have to draw the line at any particular size.

Winner announced August 3, 2010

See the GLBT Promo BLOG for details.

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