Global Maternal Health Conference 2010: Call for Submissions

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Global Maternal Health Conference 2010

India Habitat Centre

New Delhi, India

August 30, 31, September 1

Updates: Global Maternal Health Conference 2010

Global Maternal Health Conference Website Launched

Check out our new Conference website!  All the news and information currently available about the Global Maternal Health Conference 2010 is now online.  This is where you’ll learn about registration, abstract submission, the conference program, and all the logistics you’ll need to attend the first ever global conference devoted exclusively to maternal health. Be sure to bookmark this site and visit it often – it will be continually updated as the conference nears.

Abstract Submission Now Open

Submit your abstract for a poster or a presentation at The Global Maternal Health Conference 2010 now!  The deadline is April 30th and all the details are available here.

A 20-person Conference steering committee has been hard at work identifying the themes and sub-themes that will by the focus of the 3-day conference.

The themes are:

Maternal Health Interventions and Programs
Underlying Factors Affecting Maternal Health
Measurement--Trends and Methods
Reproductive Health
Health Systems
Policy and Advocacy

More information about the themes and subthemes is available here.

The Steering Committee is looking for abstracts that fall within the three organizing parameters of the Maternal Health Task Force: Evidence, Programs, and Policies and that are germane to the themes outlined above.

Submissions will be accepted for single abstracts and pre-formed panels.  Scholarships are available for participants from developing countries whose abstracts are accepted. To submit an abstract click here.

Conference Registration Opens in May

Global Maternal Health Conference registration is set to open mid-May.  Given the space limitations at the Conference venue, it is anticipated that open registration will be limited.  A majority of registration spots have been reserved for participants whose abstracts are accepted and who are on the conference program.

To ensure you secure a place at the conference we encourage you to submit an abstract. In addition, scholarship priority will be given to those from a developing country who have had an abstract accepted.  For more on Conference registration, click here.

Your colleagues at the Public Health Foundation of India and the Maternal Health Task Force look forward to your input and participation to make this Conference a turning point in global efforts to improve maternal health!

Overview of the Conference

The Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) and the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI) are pleased to announce the Global Maternal Health Conference 2010. Together, MHTF and PHFI will convene an unprecedented gathering of approximately 500 maternal health experts and their allies in a global technical and programmatic meeting focused exclusively on maternal health.

The Global Maternal Health Conference 2010 aims to build on the existing momentum around MDG5 to coalesce and catalyze the maternal health field. Lessons learned, neglected issues, and innovative thinking will be the underpinnings of the conference, and the anticipated outcome is increased consensus around the evidence, programs and advocacy needed to improve maternal health.

Preparations are underway:

    • A 25-member steering committee of experts from around the world has been convened to set the conference agenda.

    • Scientific subcommittees will be appointed to select presentations within each of the themes set by the steering committee.

    • A robust youth program is envisioned, involving the Ashoka/MHTF Young Champions of Maternal Health and young Indian professionals recruited by the PHFI.

    • A prodigious scholarship program is being established to ensure broad participation from all regions of the world.

The steering committee has confirmed the conference themes and abstract submission is now open.

The Maternal Health Task Force at EngenderHealth contributes to shaping collective efforts to improve maternal health worldwide. Supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the MHTF serves as a catalyst to address one of the most neglected areas in global health. contact: Sara Gullo,

The Public Health Foundation of India uses a broad, integrative approach to public health. It works to build institutional capacity in India for strengthening training, research and policy development in the area of public health. contact: Beena Varghese,

Several conferences in 2010 are sure to attract the attention of global health policymakers, practitioners and advocates. For more information on upcoming conferences with a focus on maternal health, click here.

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