God dammit--is there no low our sexism won't stoop to?

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First: *headdesk*

Second: what the fucking hell???  Are there no bounds to our sexism that even breast cancer awareness becomes a fetishized striptease for the heterosexual male gaze???

While I'm all about promoting awareness for breast cancer, I don't think reducing women to their "boobies" accomplishes very much.  Because what this really achieves is telling women saving our boobies is for teh menz.  We have to protect these luscious beauties, so men will stare at us when we bounce them around!  And don't forget ladiez: street harassment is totally a compliment!  Ugh.

There's also another issue I have with this video: what exactly is this saying to women who have survived breast cancer?  What about women who have had to have mastectomies to survive breast cancer?  As if we needed another god damn affirmation that the entirety of our femininity and womanhood is what's stuffed in our bras.  Protecting and familiarizing ourselves with our bodies is one thing--it's entirely another to do those things within the parameters of the male gaze--I don't need men drooling about my breasts for me to suddenly be filled with a desire to "save them."  Fuck this ad.

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sadly, I don't think this is even near the bottom.

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I was half-tempted to describe some disgusting, masturbation inducing scenario of tastlessness and depravity that any mid-level advertising exec could promote and produce.  However, since they are largely unimaginative, I am certain it would be storyboarded and pitched before tomorrow's 10am phone bridge.


sadly, i think you're right. 

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sadly, i think you're right. 

honestly, i can't say i'm all that surprised.  still angry as hell though

 I'll pay devil's advocate

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 I'll pay devil's advocate even though this is clearly lurid and demeaning. Let's say this was actually successful. Lots of money from the most hated sexist demographics pours in and is put to good use fighting breast cancer. Sex work does in fact generate significant revenue does it not? I'm failing to see the difference.

I absolutely despise my day job, yet I do it with a fake smile on my face every single weekday. If I could make a better paycheck being humiliated (sexually or otherwise)  in the worst possible ways that you could imagine, I'd do it in a heartbeat. The ends justify the means in this instance. No, at the point of stating the obvious, the ends obviously do not always justify the means. Someday I can walk away from the job I loathe and retire and my time can be my own. It's the same wish of the cancer patient, that time can be their own. 

What are you talking about

What are you talking about "fetishized striptease for the heterosexual male gaze???"  In case you didn't notice, there were at least three women in this piece that all got their stare in, and a group of obviously homosexual sailor men that were equally enthusiastic about the boobs. 

I think the message was pretty clear that everybody likes boobs.  It was all about glamour, the girl in the bikini had something nice and was obviously flaunting it, and everyone appreciated it, not just the heterosexual men. 

I submit that if it were possible to make balls seem this glamorous, then we would see commercials like this about testicular cancer as well; I'm not holding my breath though, balls are just too funny to be glamorous.

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