The Hate Crimes Bill and Your Life

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 As many of you already know, President Obama signed into law the Byrd-Shepard Hate Crimes Bill yesterday, effectively protecting American citizens from violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity, among other things.

And while I saw many a blog post about this reporter style, I didn't see a topic where people were talking about how it would potentially change their lives, so I decided to blog about it myself.

Disclaimer: I realize that a "law" is no magical protection and that we still must be watchful of our surroundings and mindful of our decisions.

However, looking deeper, will this change how you live your life? If not, how does it affect your outlook on being gay or trans in American society? 

Personally, I am happy that society is changing, however slowly it may be. My wife commented that more people are agreeing that people should be free from harm even if their lifestyle choices aren't agreed upon.

Check out my post here and please leave your comments, I would really love to get a discussion going :).

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Less smearing, maybe?

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I know for me if someone gets an urge to “smear a queer” around these parts, there’ll be a pretty fair-to-middling chance of more consequences. As I posted yesterday, now I feel like our government actually cares about me to a degree. :)


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if some unthinking brutes are given reason to consider their actions, then I would be satisfied with that.  I suspect that the law will raise awareness in many areas, but this one will be a welcome improvement, indeed.

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