Hate Is Not A Religion

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It is not a new thing in the world for people to call and campaign for the death penalty for gay people 'as punishment' for being gay, although it certainly is fairly new on the political scene in South Africa.

This is a disturbing trend among radical gay-hating people, who are usually fanatical fundamentalists or literalists ascribing to one of many religions. Their hatred for those who differ from themselves overflows and overrules common sense, logic and compassion for fellow human beings. We can only attribute its arrival here to the heavy influence of the American religious right groupings who have overrun the US Republican Party and used the gay community as a scapegoat and rallying point to try and institute a theocracy in that country over the past 8 years - and certainly the dangers of mixing religion with politics can be seen in this. For many years right wing fundamentalist "missionaries" have been coming to SA and assisting these groups under the guise of "church planting".

Many groups have sprung up in SA which were inspired by and even named after US groups and who followed their lead in persecuting the pink community. In many cases even the rhetoric they espouse is supplied by the foreign groups. Sadly this ideology and fanaticism seems to have found a home in South Africa in the form of "ex-gay" groups and political parties such as the ACDP and CDA.

The dominionist movement (also known as 'Kingdom Now Theology' and 'reconstructionism' or 'reformationism'), which is at the root of most evangelical churches around the world and which originated in the USA, is founded upon the "great commission" which they have twisted to mean "let's take over the world tonight, Pinky. Narrf!"

Part of the doctrine at the root of this movement is the precept that ancient biblical laws predating even Christianity should be raised up as "moral law" in this country and included in every aspect of life including the privacy (not anymore) of people's homes. They also want to replace democracy with a theocracy (church as government). Part of this strange concept is the execution of people whom they deem criminals - including among others, the whole pink community - a prospect which many of these people seem to look forward to with a great deal of excitement.

I'm not so sure if I find genocide that exciting, but essentially, that is what these people want. In fact they want it so badly that they have in effect hijacked a religion as a vehicle to achieve it. It is quite ironic that those calling the loudest for "morality" in SA are the most immoral of all.

The more religious figures we can get to rally against this narrow and twisted way of thinking, the better for human rights, equality and decency in this country. They need to rise up and take back their religion from the bigots who have hijacked it.

There is no point in arguing with them. Truth is they KNOW NOTHING about being gay or transgender - which is evidenced by their irrational and illogical insistence that it is a choice. Nor do they know any loving god, nor compassion, nor love. And neither do they know anything - anything at all - about me.

They call me blind simply because they cannot accept that the same god that made me, made them - and both of us as we are - in fact it is them who is blinded by the hateful ambitions of other people who have twisted biblical teachings into a hammer with which to smite down innocent people in injustice. It is they who have chosen death over life - and not just for themselves - but for others too.

If there is a god - what do you think he thinks of people who perpetuate the suffering of people whom he created as equals to themselves - and therefore loves equally? They should crawl under a mountain out of shame for their ill-conceived zealotry and unchristly hate.

I know what is right and what is wrong - and what people like them say and do to gay and trans people is not right - and no amount of flowery prose and empty meaningless writings or warm tingly feelings in hollow churches will ever make it so.

Hate is not a religion.

Your bible is your god - but god is not the bible.

Keep your two-dimensional version of god, keep your fanatical all-consuming religion of hate and keep your idiotic rantings. Regardless of what comes, I will stand with those who have no voice, with the small in number, the weak and defenceless - in defence of them against such as you, the mad, the vicious and the vile. And I will show them love - and that is the RIGHT thing to do.

Go crawl into your book - see if the living god dwells in your paper and ink, when he should be in your hearts instead - and when you do not find him there - pull it in after you.

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