How naughty is naughty?

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It occurred to me the other day that what I consider to be naughty, could be considered mild to one person but completely wild to another. I don't consider my sex life to be wild, but at the same time it's not ordinary in any way either. Sometimes it is, but for the most part we indulge in things that some people only ever dream about, and others would never even think about.

So what's your scale of naughtiness? What do you consider to be mild and ordinary, and what do you consider to be wild and raunchy? For me the mild and ordinary is sex in the same bed or always in a bed, in the same position, or the same few positions, with the same person and... need I say more? Notice the word “same”; as in very little variety. That to me is mild and ordinary.

Now, my version of wild and raunchy is sex anywhere at anytime; indoors, outdoors, behind office doors, on desks and boardroom tables (mmm), on someone elses bed, under the bed, in the cupboard... you get my drift. It's sex with toys, sometimes multiple; strap on's, vibrators, dildo's, butt plugs, you name it, it's available for play. It's the sex you have spontaneously, it's wild and passionate, eager and urgent.

It involves more than one person and it's not limited to hetro-sexual sex; it's bi, it's gay, it's everything. Multiple people for more than one fantasy in a night and anything different is in; gang bangs, BDSM, fetishes, latex and more... it's wild and raunchy and happens regularly!

So based on that, where do I sit? Well as you can see from my wild and raunchy list, I have something to aim for but I admit I'm not there yet :P If mild and ordinary is a 1, and wild and raunchy is a 10, I'm around 7 with my eyes on the prize. Still lots to explore and do, and doing it once is just not enough to count as having really done it, for me anyway...

What's your 1, and what's your 10? And where do you sit? What dreams and fantasies are on your list of things to do (or who) :P Get a little wild and raunchy, it's good for the soul :)

And that's just what I think... :o) <taken from Chantelle's Diary>


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keep asking all the right questions

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and I'll move to Australia, so I can have you for the coolest neighbor ever!


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