I Want to Start an Advice Column!

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I want to start a weekly advice column on Cuntlove. Not just any advice column, because let’s face it, I might not hold the magic key that will solve all your problems or answer all your questions. I do, however, believe that we can all benefit from getting certain things out there in the open and having a discussion, so consider this more of an interactive advice column where people write in to Cuntlove about a certain subject, and we use that as a starting point to have a discussion, and maybe give each other some helpful advice along the way.

If you’ve got something on your mind, or if you’d like to start a dialogue going on a particular subject send it your questions and comments to olgawolstenhole@gmail.com or you can simply use this contact form.

Also, if you’ve got your personal website, feel free to copy the above banner and publish it on your blog with a link to this site. It would be really awesome if you helped spread the word.

I’ve already gotten a couple responses, so hopefully I’ll have this thing up and running by next week (I’m thinking of doing it every Thursday). I can’t wait to see what people write in to talk about and what you all will have to add on the subject. Let’s make this happen!

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