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As I get older, it’s becoming clearer to me that we really know nothing about anything until we’ve actually experienced it.  And we’re never really prepared for it until we get there. I just read a most disturbing report about the impact of Internet pornography on youth and children by two Montreal reporters, Isabelle Maher and Martin Bisaillon - if you read French, please look it up. They are sounding an alarm that needs to be sounded loud and clear to make us (adults-parents-society) wake up to the devastating impact that overly accessible porn-as-sex-education is having on our children. So today I want to focus, as usual, on love expressed sexually, by honouring some people who have long been making an effort to make a difference.

Bill and Desiree, whom I had the pleasure of illustrating together from a photo-still (above) are people who care enough about sharing positive images of sexuality to share their own private moments of passion with others. Both have written for sex-positive publications, and Bill writes lovely erotic poetry that I have already included and will continue to publish on this blog. Last year they shared their story through interviews and scenes of lovemaking with Comstock films, a couple-run company that makes DVDs of real people having real sex, and I was fortunate enough to be able to see their particular DVD and use stills from it to create drawings. Thank you  Joan Price for putting us in contact, to Tony and Peggy at Comstock for allowing this precious collaboration, and to Bill and Desiree for continuing to spread their love!

I have long been disturbed by most of what typical pornography has to offer, but I remain convinced that we cannot just make it disappear. Even if we manage to hide it better from our children, they are still essentially sexual beings who need to learn about themselves and this deep, tender physical contact with others… hopefully when they are ready to and not before. As the authors of the report recommended, it will take alot more presence, communication and open discussions between parents and children on the subject of sexuality to insure that they can truly learn to enter into intimate relationships. But there is a case to be made for appropriate visuals to accompany that; and it’s up to us to make sure that films, photographs and other imagery showing respectful, consensual sexual contact is available at their level,  according to their development.

Interestly, the Comstock collection is for adults, and this blog is for adults, but after reading the statistics on the quantity and the quality of pornography that youth and children have been consuming on the Internet, I am convinced that the same youngster, coming across these images, would find them “refreshing” as many readers have commented. Which will soon bring us back to the Intimography site, which is slowly developing behind the scenes…

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