International Swingers Day? Even I Didn't Know That

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"Nothing risqué, nothing gained." (Alexander Woollcott)

Apparently, there's an International Swingers Day that even I, a swinger for at least the last eight years, didn't know about.  It apparently happened this year on August 15th.  (I missed it.  Not sure what I was doing, but it wasn't swinging.)  Now another International Swingers Day will occur on August 14, 2010.

What is swinging?  My definition of swinging is honest, non-monogamous sex with the consent of your partner.  So, if I go to an American swing club with my husband, and I have sex with another man, and he has sex with another woman, and we're both okay with it, that's an example of swinging.  The one thing to remember is that swinging is not cheating.  

Does swinging involve love?  Well, I've loved some of the people I've experienced swinging with.  So, I guess that enters the world of polyamory.  But whatever.  The whole polyamory people vs swinging people bores me.  I'm not big on those who turn their noses up at people who have sex without love, and some of the culprits are part of the polyamory culture.  *Those polyamorists* are just as obnoxious as the other people who hate swingers.   It’s like the gays and lesbians that hate bisexuals.  We’re all queer anyway, so what’s with the attitudes?  All it is more fodder for prudes and straights.    

End of rant.

What will I do on International Swingers Day?  Well, if I'm in town and not out of the country, I think I'll buy a sexy outfit and visit our favorite swing club with my husband.  Maybe I'll write some articles about swinging to support the day, just like I've written a number of articles in support of the National Equality March that is happening this weekend.

Standing up for what you believe in becomes even more important when most people are against you.  Since the days of the most famous swing club, Plato's Retreat in New York City, swinging is still not something that you talk about at the office.  When you enter a swing club, you know that you're there with like minded people.  If you run into someone at the office - well, what can they say?  Not much.  You'll both keep it a secret.  

Or, you won't.  You won't talk about swinging, but you won't hide it, either.  You'll take your chances.


International Swingers Day


Jolie du Pre is the editor of Swing, Adventures in Swinging by Today's Top Erotica Writers.


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