Intersectionality in Atlanta, Georgia- Ad from Anti Abortion Group "Black Children Are An Endangered Species"

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Located in southern United States, attempting to appeal to the 1/3 African American population of Atlanta, Georgia, the billboard pictured above plays upon racial stereotypes and social norms to convey a typical, pro-life message and relays the message that abortion is an immoral act against humanity.

I enlarged this picture above to emphasize it's effects. Look at the photo, what do you see? How does it make you feel? Are you sad for the child? Are you thinking about African American fetuses that have yet to be born? Are you worried about African Americans in America, that they may become "extinct"?

These are the questions the advertisement provoke.

The advertisement relays the message that a fetus is an independent being, suggesting that actual murders are occurring when an abortion is performed. The insinuation then, is that women are murderers. Not only women, black women are murderers who are ruthlessly killing off their own race.

The advertisement conveys a common notion among pro-life groups, that life begins at conception, that each fetus should be considered an actual living, breathing child. This has been disproven via scientific study and withstood legal action in court throughout many years. Thus, the message that the dispelling of a fetus from the womb, either surgically or medically, is murder is not only factually untrue, but contrary to the thousands of cases that have set the legal precedent that a fetus, up to a certain point within the womb, is not an independent, living human being; that the fetus is dependent upon the sustenance, nurturing and wellbeing of the body carrying it. The advertisement's message of "murder" is therefor untrue, scientifically unfounded and intellectually dishonest.

The group who purchased the billboard space and paid for the advertising campaign made the calculated decision to appeal to the African American community, as some reports indicate that statistically African American women obtain the most abortions, specifically in the South. (this may not actually be true, as much data is lacking and doesn't account for social factors and political implications) The insidious message to the broader demographic in America however, is that African Americans are more promiscuous, practice unsafe sex, and because they obtain more abortions, are less responsible. This has many lasting effect across the country that further enables historical constructs and stereotypes surrounding race to flourish. (Such as the construct in which the African American Women are portrayed to be an out-of-control sexual being that always wants sex)

It has been reported that many pro-life groups have jumped on the bandwagon and support this ad. campaign, citing their desire to save "all of god's creatures" (im quoting a coworker whom I spoke about this issue with). There seems to be a genuine ignorance of the type of message the billboard actually conveys, however. While many blogs and some mainstream media outlets have decried this despicable billboard, there has been little coverage and hardly any outrage. I daresay, I heard about stupid Tim Tebow's mother's personal, vaginal illness for weeks before the paltry commercial aired. This advertisement is 100 times more damaging on 400 different levels and I have read very litte on the subject.

If it were possible for me to feel any more dejected about this particular issue, it is only because there has been a complete lack of media coverage and criticism. Because mainstream media has failed again and allowed this pro-"life" group spewing lies, hate and racism, to get away with murder.

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