Lance Bass Gets His Freedom

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Lance Bass, formerly of 'N Sync, posed for some photos recently that, as Perez Hilton suggested, embraced his "inner diva." I was pleased to see the photos, because they tell me that Lance Bass can finally scream to the world, "Yes, I'm gay and I'm proud of it."

Lance never could have posed for such photos when he was in 'N Sync and still in the closet. Even after he came out to People magazine and produced the autobiography Out of Sync, it still would have been too soon. Lance Bass' photos, with the dark hair, heavy eye makeup and black lipstick, look a lot like something Adam Lambert would produce.  Perhaps gays like Lambert, who have never been in the closet, play a role in helping celebrities like Lance gain the courage to embrace who they are.

Lance Bass is only 31. He has a long life ahead of him, and even if he is not as famous as he was during his 'N Sync run, an authentic life is probably better.

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