The Lesbian One-Hour Orgasm!

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One way to start building your sensual side is to become an expert in yourself, learn how your body responds to touch. The book calls this "taking" touch. It will also introduce you to a bunch of sexercises, e.g. phone sex, sexual teasing and peaking to name a few. Very Few women climax through actually intercourse (1 in 3); it happens with far more frequency through manual (hand) masturbation techniques. This is what the book is all about, getting pleasure with your hands and exactly why I thought it would be relevant to Lesbians (but everyone can do this, you are only limited by your imagination!).

The effectiveness of this technique comes from how you set up the environment all the way down to how you are going to touch each other, so there are a few things you will need to get:

1. Music (of course!)

2. Candles- you can go unscented but I love rose, jasmine or ylang ylang because those oils promote love and sensuality.

3. Some delicious food, like fruits, chocolate or even a power bar because if you are going to be having a sex marathon you are going to need some energy!

4. Something to drink (As an Alcohol/Drug Counselor I would encourage non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol just makes things sloppy, you want to be able to maneuver and focus for a while so do it sober.) If you go into any health food store or fresh market there are some amazing teas and juices that in taste alone make you orgasm, so take them home.

5. Massage oil (it would be good to know if she is allergic to any essential oils.)

6. Lube, because everything feels better when there is moisture and it reduces the risk of injury and tearing (for those of you who don't favor boo boo's down there).

7. Clean sheets or a presentable space.

8. Fingernails clean and cut Ladies, no sharp edges.

It begins with setting it up like it is going to be a date, so make it special and invite the woman you love or like to this celebration of hers! Leave a little love note somewhere special, like under her pillow. You should get her flowers and prepare a meal. Some kind of finger food would be good so you can feed each other, like sushi. Now, when it comes to the seduction part you are going to have to take charge, by that I mean you will have to start the kissing and directing towards the bedroom, and please no "yeah babe, want to try this new thing out!" Run her a bath or shower. Rose petals are always appreciated in water, makes some ladies feel like Cleopatra (and who doesn't like feeling like a Queen!). You have to undress her, lay her down, make sure she is comfortable and warm enough, and take off all jewelry.

Now begins the fun part! You start by giving a full frontal body massage, starting with her feet and working your way up. The reason you start with the feet is that they are sensitive, and apparently a lot of women can feel clitoral stimulation when their feet are rubbed. You are always staying in communication with each other too, so ask questions like "how does this feel?" "Is this enough pressure?" and so on. When massaging tell her what you are going to do, surprises are not always welcomed when we are naked on our backs and exposed. Then massage her fingers, hands and arms. Move down to the front of her shoulders and her chest. Massage her front, without ever touching any erogenous zones (remember orgasm is a build up, so for now it is all about teasing!). She will think you are going to touch these delicate areas, which begins to increase the intensity. Remember, you are telling her the whole time where you are going to touch her, example "I'm going to gentle massage your breast, and then around your nipples." Gently circle multiple areas of her body to make her even more sensitive. Make sure to always go right to the edge but never all the way, so she wants it more and more. Starting to sound like fun?

Once you have built enough excitement, you can move to the official "Venus Butterfly" position, which is where she will continue to lay on her back with her legs spread apart. Now, there are other positions and several manual masturbation techniques in the book, so every Lady should be able to find one that fits her best. So run to your nearest book store or just watch the demonstration video! The Lesbian One-Hour Orgasm on YouTube.

On a safety note, always have safe sex by using agents that kill most sexually transmitted diseases, barriers like latex (disposable latex gloves or dental dams), and reduce risks further by limiting sexual encounters which include direct bodily fluids (genitals and blood products).

~The Lesbian Guru

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