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Where are Lesbians meeting other Lesbians? Our community, as small as it is and as incestuous as it is known for has been having a hard time finding legitimate mates.  

Many Lesbians meet there next partner through there ex (whom often they return to for a few more rounds) or in a bar (because the ladies do like to drink a fair bit) that it has become a challenging experience to find an interesting untouched female that has not been through the multiple girl circles we belong too.

In therapy I am constantly asked where do gay women meet up? Especially if you are in some kind of alcohol and drug recovery or have dated so many psychos in the same area code that you need a new hopeful experience! Well the Internet is the new way to date, actually not so new but where more and more gay woman are congregating to find their soul mate.

Online you safely put a profile up, some nice photos and basically advertise yourself to the United States or even the world of Lesbians in search for love. In the sea of women, contacts are established; friendships are formulated and sometimes through the timeless romantic form of communication, known as “love letters” you find someone.

Most sites will even give you dating tips and create a safe environment to chat to individuals. Here are some Lesbian Guru safety tips (just in case!).

  • Get an anonymous e-mail account, most sites provide the mailing service. DO NOT give any personal information, it doesn't matter how wonderful they sound. If they are that freaking wonderful they will still be like that a couple of weeks into the “getting to know you” process.
  • Be careful of your professional Psychodykos, these ladies have ALL the right answers; they tell you what you want to hear, and seem to be exactly what you've always wanted. It's probably bulls--t. This is where the warrior princess in you smells the crap, so to speak.
  • You don't have to respond to everyone, that makes you extremely codependent and you should see a therapist if you find yourself in that position.
  • Don't expect a response from everyone, refer to third safety tip. This does not mean you are not worth a woman's time but unfortunately online you can meet multiple women simultaneous, which increase opportunities but also means people will find someone of interest fast and may not get back to you.
  • Don't let too much time pass between e-mails, remember there are very few women out there that match your style, so work it but don't go overboard to the point of desperation.
  • Be specific! So many profiles and responses generalize too much. For example "I like reading and watching movies," good for you but so does every other person on the planet, what makes you unique?
  • Most importantly NEVER say "I love you" before you've met. Trust me on this one it will feel so much more real in person when you are looking deep into their eye “soul gazing.”

It may not be as romantic as walking into a room and crossing eyes with a soul mate you never knew you had but it could expand your search and teach you to move slowly and get to know someone before you get too close. After all if it's a unforgettable Lesbian Love Story you want then time should be the teller.

~The Lesbian Guru                                                                            

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