Lesbians, Labels, and Lyrics

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It’s so hard these days to meet genuine people that are not into things for the mere popularity or money making deals. I think often when we do meet individuals that are sincere and speak or in this case sing their passion and love, that we automatically think they want something or they are a frauds. This world has become so doubtful and abusive towards each other that talent, true conviction and passion are overridden by insecurities.

Last night I had a conversation with a new and upcoming artist Ace Reign, and I just fell in love with this woman’s words and passion. First of all, I am a sucker for women who are intelligent and able to communicate their ideas, but to also do it in a manner that reaches and teaches people is amazing.

My aim has always been to empower and connect with the lesbian community, so when I asked the brilliant Rapper her thoughts of being seen as a Dominant/Aggressive Gay woman in the entertainment industry she actually caught me off guard by gently correcting me.  

She brought about a very important point that labels are very constricting and that they often allow people to be discriminated upon or boxed in. She shared that she is herself and that she is proud of who she is, being a person of this world that loves what she creates and happens to also have relationships with women.

I agreed with her, stereotyping means making generalizations towards people and that creates an opening for prejudice “like butch girls don’t cry!” We are all guilty of it and do it aggressively within our own community. She stated back, “Wouldn’t it be great if people would just want to get to know you before they judge you or see someone in baggy jeans and not automatically think oh, that must be a guy and call you Sir.”

There are so many wonderful and extraordinary Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) artists and Ace is no exception, just listening to her music is inspiring and you cannot help smiling when she says things like “ I breath my music, lyrics are emotions, pain... It is how I tell my story or someone I have meet that inspired me” Her songs come from her journey through life and stories that others have shared with her and the passion she felt in those moments.

She is definitely not in any box with any label but a free soul whose journey is to inspire and connect with others through music.  She is a pioneer in her art, in Still Riding Ace expresses her experience with the heterosexual male rapping industry and fights another stereotype "girls can't rap" or assume a woman cannot reach a level of artistry as men.  The lyrics in Still Ridin show victory and power over the negative views and beliefs, showing survival in the tough Hip Hop world. 

I am glad I got this chance to have a conversation with an artist and creator of beauty, this woman that represents the lesbian community but also of that of all artist, will soon in her own right be shining so bright that reaching her may be near impossible.

It is up to us as a community to support our LGBT talent, to help them shine and represent us in a positive light. It is our responsibility as a community to look out for one another so that the world sees our true talents, because we have so many!

Good luck my Friend, you are amazingly talented. Keep inspiring, writing, singing, and may the world embrace you passion!

~The Lesbian Guru

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