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Because the media topic de l'annee seems to be "women and sex".

For the most part, these "studies" and articles just perpetuate deeply ingrained stereotypes about women, sex and that role in American culture. However, I did find some decent, and kind of obvious, tid-bits here and there; this is what I'm trying to highlight.

From CNN.COM : Love, pleasure, duty.

Nice start CNN.

Buss said he found it surprising how dramatically and variably sexual experience seemed to influence women's feelings of self-esteem.

"Some sexual experiences that women in our study reported just had devastating effects and long-lasting negative effects on their feelings of self-worth," he said. "But then for others, their sexual experiences provided the soaring height of euphoria and made them feel alive and vibrant."

Yeah so it took a "study" and a book deal to reveal women who have lived through traumatic sexual encounters (ie: rape) have self esteem issues. The cynic in me wants to blog about sensationalizing rape for a buck; the [tiny] positive side of my personality will point out that drawing attention to sexual trauma is important because we can't keep sweeping that issue under the rug.

Maybe I can just really relate with the author’s point.

From The Globe and Mail

: Women's genital self-esteem affects sex, health.

Well that's a topic no one brings up. It's as if genital health and self-esteem/self-perception are unmentionable. Like it's not a big deal if I think my labia are too (enter problem here) long. We have national debates, which battle media and fashion about the negative affect they have on adolescent girls and boys, but never is this topic discussed. You hate your vagina?

Oh well.

The anxiety some women feel about their genitals is rooted in messages gleaned from parents and pop culture, said study author Debby Herbenick, a sexual health educator with The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

“Individuals may adopt negative attitudes toward women's genitals as a result of cultural-level scripts that suggest that women's genitals are unclean or dirty,” writes Dr. Herbenick, who is also associate director of Indiana's University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion in the School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation.

A positive attitude

towards sex is good for women's health.

Why did I link this? Well, I think it's a good reminder not to classify virginal or promiscuous women as good or bad; neither is the case. Sex shouldn't be used to extol or demean a women's virtue; in fact it should be completely irrelevant in the assessment of a person's character.

LMAO A German ad equates sex, HIV and Hitler.

It's a pathetic attempt at dramatic irony, except the writers of this spot don't realize they are the stars of this production.

It's two-thirty in the morning and the bedroom door bursts open. To a thumping disco beat, a man and a woman enter, clearly in the throes of lust. Within seconds, they've torn one another's clothes off. Seen through peculiar clouds of mist, they begin to have passionate, rough sex to a strange soundtrack of eerie noises.

Their faces are obscured but guttural gasps and moans fill the room. As the rutting hits a fever pitch, the deep-thrusting Romeo's face is suddenly revealed. You'll probably recognize this sex machine. Is it Fabio? George Clooney? Brad Pitt? Guess again.

It's Adolf Hitler. Complete with trademark kooky mustache, gasping for breath with a demented look of orgasmic lust on his face. I'm not joking.

Why has Der Führer risen from the grave to pick up a woman at a nightclub in 2009 and taking her home to “do the nasty”? Because, to the people who came up with this ludicrous AIDS TV commercial, unprotected sex that could lead to HIV transmission is just like getting screwed by Hitler. Still scratching your head? It's because "AIDS is a mass murderer." And so is Hitler. Get it?

And finally, from the Nation: The Student Sex Column Movement.

Oh Yeah, I count for this one!



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